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#Bones:Dreaming blew my mind with his debut solo album




A Day in the Labyrinth of a Psychedelic Mind

Darmstadt, Germany





#ADayInTheLabyrinthOfAPsychedelicMind is the latest album from German artist #Bones:Dreaming. This 6-track album contains lengthy ambient, psychedelic, and experimental productions that range from just under 6 and a half minutes to nearly 17 minutes long in length. The project combines cinematics with ambient soundscapes to gothic soundtracks and beyond in a project that I would definitely recommend having a listen to. So, let's get into these tracks then! The project opens with the cinematics of #Kaleidoscope and this is definitely one hell of an opener! This track leaves no time spared before bringing in the intriguing synths that will captivate its listeners. The deepness of the lengthy synths mixed with a persistent throb of what sounds like electric currents work wonders on the imagination! The track develops slowly but effectively to give listeners the space to create their own stories within their own minds. This is definitely an effective piece that would suit a sci-fi movie perfectly. #ThePainofBeing has a distorted feel that lingers in the background of the piece. This is done through the clever use of white noise that hisses quietly but speaks volumes to the overall feel of the track. The use of ambient cinematic synths ranges from what sounds like bell synths and distorted bass synths to create a sound that is eerie but hypnotic and calming at the same time. I really enjoyed this composition. #CosmicWaves takes listeners back to the sci-fi futuristic influence that was found in the opening piece. The frequencies used within these compositions work wonders on the mind and bearing in mind that the concept is very much to do with the psychedelics of the mind, I wonder if specific frequencies have been purposely used to create this feel. #LunarHeadspace continues to use a similar narrative in its production. This piece had me envisioning dark skies on a beach, in awe of nature and existential meaning. #Heartbeat

is a very clever composition that takes the sound of an ambulance (or emergency services) and creates a distorted synth to showcase it! We then hear the introduction of hospital machines to imitate a heart rate monitor - a very fitting inclusion given the title of the track. These two key features blend together and then transition in a seamless way that sounds effortless to the listener. As the piece develops it begins to get messier, louder, almost implying the business of an anxious or stressed mine. I love the way that this track creates its narrative. Concluding the album is a track entitled #SunSalutation. Although this track is the shortest of the project it still takes us through over six minutes of pure imagination. In this production, we get to hear the steady rise of an artist whose solo debut captivates the minds of all who listen to it. What I love about the work of #Bones:Dreaming in this album is that although there remains a consistent theme and sounds within each track, they don't get boring even at such lengths through the use of slowly introducing subtle additions throughout the pieces. 10/10.


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