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"Books of Moods" Uplifts Indie Folk Rock Scene with 'Happiness'

 Cover art for "Happiness" by Books Of Moods
Cover art for "Happiness" by Books Of Moods

Parisian Indie Folk Rock Project Celebrates Friendship and Unity in Latest Single

Books Of Moods' latest indie folk rock single, "Happiness," released on 22 December 2023, is a melodic ode which embodies the true spirit of friendship. Emerging from the vibrant streets of Paris, this project offers listeners a heartwarming embrace through its harmonious blend of rhythm meets poetry.

At heart, "Happiness" is an anthem of unity. It’s a track that captures the essence of joyous camaraderie, resonating with anyone who's ever found solace in the company of friends. The song’s rhythmic simplicity, coupled with its uplifting lyrics, crafts an auditory experience that’s both comforting and energizing – a rare feat in today's music landscape.

The mastermind behind Books Of Moods, Woodrow, draws his inspiration from a kaleidoscope of life experiences – dreams, landscapes, and influential artists such as David Bowie and Radiohead to name a few. This eclectic mix of influences breathes life into the project, creating a nostalgic, melancholic, and dreamy soundscape. Each note in "Happiness" feels like a tender nod to these inspirations, weaving together the familiar and the fantastical.

The beauty of "Happiness" lies in its ability to transport listeners into a gentle reminder of the joy found in the simplest of connections. The track is emblematic of the project's artistic DNA – indie folk rock vibes infused with a dreamy, introspective quality.

What stands as authentic is Books Of Moods' commitment to storytelling. Through their music, they narrate the epic journey of Woodrow & Luth, enveloping listeners in dreamlike melodies that echo the poignancy of a Marcel Proust novel. Each track, including "Happiness," is a chapter in this ongoing saga, inviting listeners to partake in a journey that’s both personal and universal.

In essence, "Happiness" offers a mosaic of memories, dreams, and melodies which beautifully encapsulate the spirit of indie folk rock. It’s a must-add to any playlist, especially for those seeking a musical piece that warms the heart and soothes the soul.

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

Mood: Heartwarming, Joyful, Uplifting

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