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Canadian independent musician, Markus Murphy leads a band of jazz alumni in a persuit to deliver


Castle Made For Two

Montréal, Canada

Montreal based independent musician, Markus Murphy leads a band of jazz alumni in a persuit to deliver! Murphey composes, produces and performs on all of his music with support from session musicians and others both live and in the studio. His latest release mixes the realms with a coordination spot that reset somewhere between acid jazz, slow surf and dream pop.

What a track this is! Gorgeous neo soul/jazz guitar strums, slick solos and a funky bassline add that extra dusting of perfection to the production along with jazz infused dreamy keys and a lofi hip-hop drum composition. The vocals - as dreamy as they come! - TAMARA JENNA

Murphey claims that the lyrics and story come from the subconscious to deal with themes of solitude and the loss of someone close something that listeners have to listen to in depth to grasp the full nature of. The music was recorded live with jazz players in Montreal subsequently offering listeners the high energy and connectedness that sometimes lacks in a studio setting. One thing that I absolutely love is the way that you can really feel the difference between the live and studio settings within this production - the live touch feels polished to studio standard whilst still offering the energetic welcoming of a live performance. The final touches are nothing less than the high of mixing and mastering engineer Paul Mahern.

Simply Spectacluar - taking a spot in our Ones2Watch!


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