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Sydney, United Kingdom

Country is making a comeback. We’ve had some hard-hitting pop staples blow up recently that have had country elements, but that’s just not country enough. If you’re feeling like you need a double shot of Americana in your music library, then we’re in the same boat, and I’m happy to say we’ve got a banger for you.

Carnival Mind’s newest single ‘5am’ is an acoustic breath of fresh air. Honest vocals scale the chords with ease, weaving a storyteller melody that draws you in. 3 minutes go by in a flash, throwing guitar trills this way and that, creating a tastefully thick atmosphere. The song pulses on, growing in scale and volume in an organic way that can only be achieved through an acoustic guitar. It's enough to make you crack a smile. Then the harmony hits and it's like sunshine. The classic tale of a town and one man's journey and struggles hasn’t been sung so well in years. ‘5am’ is a country acoustic injection of emotion and melody. You’ll be humming this song for days to come.

I kept listening to it whilst out on a walk in the fields. No one could have scored the view any better than Carnival Mind and I thank them graciously for that experience. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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