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Cate Kileva Unveils 'How You Love': A Sonic Journey into the Heart of Electronica!

"Cover art for Cate Kileva's single 'How You Love'
"Cover art for Cate Kileva's single 'How You Love'

Perth's Own Cate Kileva Merges Emotion with Electronica in Her Latest Hypnotic Single.

Fresh out of the electronic music scene, Perth's Cate Kileva arises to present her latest single, "How You Love". Marking her second release as an electronic side project, this track sees ambient electronica transcend its conventional boundaries.

I love the crackles at the start, they're retro-warm. Bell synths are beautiful here. The bass comes in to add to the groove, not forgetting the angelic vocals and a hip-hop-inspired drum loop. This is a song that borders on R&B production-wise but alt-pop in vocal execution. It's certainly a unique sound. As things develop we hear more experimentalism, with chops and changes symbolic of chaos. It goes back to its origins and leaves us confronted by our thoughts before ending abruptly.

"How You Love" gives us a narrative of resilience and transformation that was born from a year of challenges. The result is one that saw Kileva channel her emotions into a therapeutic creative process.

Collaborating with visual artists Caitlin Worthington and Marcus Taylor, and drawing on the musical expertise of Simon Cohen and Ben Feggans, Kileva has enriched "How You Love" with layers of complexity and depth. Mixed by Simon Cohen, known for his work with Justin Bieber and Troy Sivan, and mastered by Ben Feggans, who has lent his talents to Cut Copy and Mallrat, the track boasts a polish and professionalism that elevate it to international standards.

At its core, "How You Love" invites listeners to delve into a realm where sound becomes an immersive experience, one where the unusual is present but a sense of blissful chaos is felt at its core too.

Genres: Alternative Pop, Commercial Pop, Contemporary Pop, Dark-Pop, Pop Trap

Mood: Relaxing, Emotive, Immersive, Innovative

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