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Charlie Jefferson's 'Alone Time' - A Dreamworld of Golden Synths and Warbling Pads for Meditation

Instrumental music can take you places. It can create worlds before you, have you travel galaxies, explore wild sensations or simply fall into a dream. Charlie Jefferson’s ‘Alone Time’ is fitted with all sorts of golden synths and warbling pads that wrap around a centre melody, it creates a dreamworld, one where you can meditate, breathe, be calm. The sounds fill you up and you sigh them out, they take with them the weight of the day, the burdens, the struggles. The light is orange, the world is cotton. You float on a cloud of emotion and you forget where you came from, and you don’t much care where you are going.

Songs like ‘Alone Time’ come along once in a blue moon. They delight, surprise and tantalise. Listening to the sounds of Charlie Jefferson isn’t just listening to music — it is experiencing magic in the form of sound. I’m left addicted and dumbfounded. Excuse me, whilst I head back in for more.



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