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I Don't Like The Rain

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Claire Littley

Claire Littley is back with another single, ‘I Don’t Like The Rain’ and it's a funk overture of groovy proportions. Baselines, chimes, crispy drums, funky guitar and those unique Littley vocals come together in a blend so right it's visceral. The song hits hard, its movements are precise and organic and it rises and falls like slumber-breath sighs. Classic funk and jazz have many heavy hitters. But Claire Littley is bringing a completely new attitude to the genre, it's intelligent and it's simple and it just works. The lyrics are tight, the melody is a downright bop and man, that chorus.

The song starts with some bass, drums and a rain of chimes. It's a wash of tone, the vocals appear from the mist and begin dancing through a melody while the bass keeps us afloat in the smoky air. Drums rap at the silent sections with minimal stabs that keep the focus on those harmonic steps and the bass’s attitude. The chorus blows in from beneath us, piano warms our soul, and bongos (yes bongos) make their debut it's subtle but adds so much flavour, some maracas round out the sound and that, is how you make a hit.

‘I Don’t Like The Rain’ is a smashing tune from start to finish. I listened to it 5 times one after another, it just gets better and better. Claire Littley will steal your soul, then give it back steaming. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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