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CLARE EASDOWN - Burned Into My Past


Burned Into My Past

Menai, Australia

‘Burned Into My Past’ from Clare Easdown (Composition/Mix and Mastered by Simon Pipe) is a solemn and spacey synth-pop track that speaks to the heart. The sound is a lonely one. It reverberates off of glass walls, coming back empty and alone. The vocal calls out, sending harmonies into the ether, hoping for a reply. But none come. The instrumental is thick, bass takes up the mid and glittery percussion rides the sonic waves of melody. But the space is so big it never feels closed off, never feels dense. It's airy, open. A wonderful golden sound.

Clare Easdown’s vocals lend themselves to this kind of music. A sound that burrows deep into your core and makes a home there. It's personal, honest and human, even though the sounds are intergalactic, you’ve never felt more at home. The sound that comes from ‘Burned Into My Past’ is as comforting as an old friend come to stay. You think back on all those good times, and you can laugh or you can cry, it's all part of being human. Enthralling.



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