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#CRABITAT bridges the gap between old school and new Hip-Hop in #OunceOfRhymes



Ounce Of Rhymes

Perth, Australia

Credit - crwzhr




#OunceofRhymes is a 14-track album by Australian artist #Crabitat. #Crabitat comes in strong with his raw production techniques and lyrics. Like many artists, #Crabitat has taken real-life experiences that are personal to himself and have made them into art. Through #OunceofRhymes this artist wishes to voice the sound of Australian Hip-Hop in a way that is unique, comic-like, and void of negativity. So, let's get into this review - track by track!

The album opens with #CrabRappers, an eerie drill-style melody that carries the track through as #Crabitat raps over a steady hip-hop beat. The rap style has a comedic execution that reminds me of #SlimShady. This is definitely a track that entices and intrigues you to listen to more!#LightUpWithThe5-0 begins with a funky beat that is infectious to the max. This track carries a funky production that is carried by the old-school hip-hop drum loop. #Bookies opens with a betting shop advertisement sample that is so authentic that I had to check that it wasn't actually a Spotify ad. The lyrics speak of the nature of betting and its dangers. I like that this track addresses something so overlooked. This is a truly unique and authentic piece that takes an overlooked issue and implements it in modern-day hip-hop. #Wonderlust has a nice deep bass that acts as the body of the melody another authentic piece. #WriteAboutDat talks of transitions between happy and sad and taking the pen and pad to execute your thoughts. #EggWalkOnTokyo features #Dianaduu - another satirical vocal execution is found within this piece. #Dianaduu brings a cheeky vocal that is similar to that of #DojaCat in its style which adds something exciting and new to the project. #What'chaWant has a classic old-school hip-hop beat with a cool and unique vocal execution. #Interlude is a phone call that is quite funny - talking about rap battles and actually goes into one! #TheListIsLong has great instrumental - it's rooted in old-school hip-hop 90s style. #Lawnmowerman features #ChloeEdgecombe to bring another funky old-school track. I love this one! #Excess has a solid bassline that doesn't overtake the piece in a way that 808s would, rather it adds a scale feel to the piece. This track almost ventures into Jazz through the use of brass and bass. #IntergalacticBoomStation intrigued me! I love futuristic sounds and so this piece really got my chakras tingling. A nice futuristic distorted bass and a combination of electric guitar take you on a trip around space along with the melodic hip-hop drum loop. The track features #morna who takes fierce feminity and throws it around the planet! The penultimate piece #DoIt brings a cinematic feel to the album through its fierce melody before switching into experimental hip-hop. The album concludes with #StoryGoesOn, a production that takes you back to the 90s old-school vibe. This album is extremely unique and offers something new and unique to modern-day hip-hop with an old-school influence.



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