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Cristina Movileanu's "All About You" - A Summer Anthem Radiating Positivity

A Sonic Journey to Your Own Personal Summer Paradise

Unveiling A Summer's Gem

Cristina Movileanu, an emerging musical talent, is delighted to introduce her new single "All About You," available on all major streaming platforms from June 16th. The single is more than just an aural experience; it serves as a portal to moments filled with positive energy and summer bliss.

The Essence of "All About You"

With its mesmerising melodies and compelling hooks, "All About You" is a mood-lifting composition that channels the carefree essence of summer. Cristina's soulful voice and emotive lyrics add layers of authenticity and depth, ensuring a gripping musical voyage for her listeners.

Bright and captivating cover art for Cristina Movileanu's single 'All About You'.
Cover art for Cristina Movileanu's "All About You"

The Team Behind the Track

The creation of this single involved the talents of several accomplished musicians via Musiversal. Among them, Vitaliy Tkaciuk's captivating guitar riffs, Itaguara Brandao's deep bass, Marco Cremaschini's skillful synth, and Garry Duncan's immaculate arrangement stand out. Bruce Allen's finesse in mixing and mastering lends the song a polished finish.

A Legacy of Artistic Inclination

Cristina hails from a family deeply ingrained in the arts. Inspired by her father, a celebrated fine artist, she has cultivated a lifelong passion for creativity. She is also responsible for crafting the artwork for her own singles, demonstrating her all-around artistic prowess.

Cristina Movileanu
Cristina Movileanu

Building a Musical Catalogue

"All About You" follows Cristina's successful debut single "River Rain" and her intriguing July release, "Highway," a collaboration with an African rapper. With this sequence of impactful releases, Cristina Movileanu is clearly a name to keep an eye on in the music industry.

What's Next?

Fans of Cristina can look forward to her upcoming single scheduled for release on September 29th, as she continues to build her presence in the music scene.

With "All About You," Cristina Movileanu doesn't just offer a song; she offers a mood, a feeling, and a slice of summer. Her evolving musical catalogue and evident artistic passion make her an exciting artist to watch in the coming years.


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