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Dame Zina's 'Fairytales': A Musical Journey Through Enchanted Realms

Cover art of 'Fairytales' by Dame Zina, featuring enchanting, fairy tale-inspired imagery that blends modern and retro elements, reflecting the album's unique musical style
Cover art of 'Fairytales' by Dame Zina
Crafting Stories in Sound – An Enchanting Fusion of Modern Synth and Retro Magic

‘Fairytales’ is the mystically grand album from the Father, Daughter musical duo, Dame Zina. The album explores the fantasy worlds of storybook wonders through music. Each song sits in its own space, each song finding its voice in the story of the album. Perhaps one follows a fairy in flight, the wings glittering as the speckled sunspots dance over them. Another explores the dark underbelly of the enchanted wood. All of the songs on their own on this album are smart, well-produced tracks that give off a wave of modern synth mixed with retro stylings. It is only when they are brought together, that you get a sense of the otherworldly.

The album lets us into the blue mists of its fantasy with, ‘Sirène.’ The song's synthetic strings evoke that other side, the unknown, the new. In this world the instruments take on the same shapes, they work the same sections, but they are bolder, they have a new dimension. The melody is born of this shifting sound, it flows as keys roll underneath, a bass tone begins to bubble, and the vocal is found in the fog. A clear voice, warming and personal, a friend. The Vox grasp the melody, they listen, they tell, they bring us into the fold. The chorus builds to a grand climax and the vocals do well to keep up the gravitas needed to sustain the mental fantasy. Not an easy task by any means.

Promo Shot: 'Fairytales' by Dame Zina
Promo Shot: 'Fairytales' by Dame Zina

Now we are in, the songs begin to delve deeper into this new world. ‘Witch Circle,’ is a beating bop that focuses its energy on the rhythm in the kick and its conversation with the synth. The vocals jump and bound between the gaps, filling the dark room with a musky glow. It’s powerful, it makes you move in a visceral way. There’s a bite in the shallows that draws you closer. In the moonlight, the bass calls you on, and you follow with an eager gait. ‘Golden Dust’ pours the fantasy into the album pints at a time. Huge pads fill the sky. The vocals talk, flanked by whispers that send chills up your spine. The power is evident, magical, ethereal. Once the song kicks off from the bleak dark that has been descending on us, it is as if we have awoken into a new day. ‘Once upon a time,’ follows, the beginning, but not at the start no, as we had to learn the way of the land first, feel its energies — know its dangers.

The story continues, and it is just that, a story; a wonderfully constructed tale of dark and light. Characters like, ‘Missis Sun and Lady Moon,’ call out to us with a fantastic track that hooks you tight with that chorus. ‘Master Goddess’ prowls in a dark beat instrumental and barks with discordant harmonies that add layers and layers of flavour to the track. Dame Zina have created not just an album, but a Fairy Tale in song. The work as a collection follows the cadence of a story, we see the world, we are led down into the depths only to find the light, and recover to greatness. The lyrics are bold, fabulous, and they pair like fine wine with the synthetic instrumental that manages to capture the natural world of the Fairies. ‘Fairytale’ is an exemplary exploration of form, genre, and the testing of thematic boundaries. Well worth the listen.

Genres: Synthpop, Electro, Storytelling

Moods: Whimsical, Enchanting, Mystical, Narrative-Driven

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