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Dance & Pop - 27/05/2022

Updated: May 29, 2022



Ozz Gold - Rest of Me

Las Vagas, United States

Rest of Me by Ozz Gold is their second progressive house track. It represents finding the strength to leave something that you no longer need. It's a story of finally finding freedom and growth. I was amazed by the absolute quality that this whole production oozes. This is a radio-ready, world-dominating house track. If you're into the work of Becky Hill then this is 100% a track that you are going to obsess over, I know I am. Make sure that click the link below to hear it or head over to our TJPL Playlist page to find this one on BOTH.



Remi Charles - Hush

London, United Kingdom

Remi Charles sent us his latest release 'Hush' earlier this week. This song is his debut release as a solo artist that leans towards electronic-based production and soulful, emotive vocals. When I heard the first opening seconds I immediately added it to Tamara Jenna's Top Picks before the main TJPL NEWS playlist in a golden buzzer moment. The opening gives us nothing but velvet layers of soulful harmonies. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this song. This release is the first of a series of songs by Remi Charles that detail his journey through painful times in a bid to say goodbye to his demons.



Lily Lane - Look At Me Now

NYC/LA, United States

Credit - Savanna Ruedy

Lily Lane was undoubtedly born to entertain. 'Look At Me Now' is the ultimate bad bitch pop anthem that is packed with strong vocals, sexy basslines, and catchy lyrics. Already making waves Lily Lane is known for smashing stages, selling out the House of Blues in her native Boston with Big Time Rush, singing for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, and performing at Irving Plaza and Grammercy Theatre in New York City. WELL WELL WELL. This is an artist that if you didn't know about, you definitely need to! And that is not all, no. Musicianship runs in the family with her older brother being multi-Grammy nominated DJ, Sofi Tukker. She has also become a champion for body positivity and female and LGBTQ representation. Get to know. That's all I have to say.



5ON5 - Foot on the Pedal

Berlin, Germany

Credit - sonsounds

5ON5 are back with a solo street track single release entitled 'Foot on the Pedal'. This is a simplistic but extremely intense production. I loved the opening guitar piece, it's moody and dark. As the track proceeds to go on, track gets darker and darker, something that I feltwas a really effective thing to do considering the concepts found in the lyrics. There are several different flows found in this piece that compliment each other perfectly. This band are definitely one to watch. Click the link below to show some support, this band are great! So great that they've made both of our playlists this week.



Molly Baker - I Remember

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Molly Baker

Molly Baker has recently released her latest piece called 'I Remember'. I was absolutely gobsmacked by this artist. Written by Josh Del, the concepts in this piece almost seem too experienced for such a young artist. Having said that, it absolutely works! You can feel from Molly Baker's tone that she feels what she's singing about! 'I Remember' speaks of relationships and pain. Don't be fooled by Molly's age as she is definitely one to watch and ready to take on the world! Well done! Make sure that you click the link below and get familiar with her sound before everyone else does!



Jennifer Alvarado - Curious

Vale, NC, United States

Credit - Jennifer Alvarado

Jennifer Alvarado is a singer/songwriter from Vale, North Carolina. Her latest release entitled 'Curious' is a track that is about liking someone as more than just a friend. Questioning the nature of a friendship, this song questions already established boundaries and reasons for not pursuing a relationship such as already being with someone else. This song hit me. This is a song about wondering what could happen if you moved past your fears and gave in to the feelings that both of you have. There's a tone in this artist' voice that reminds me of Gabrielle. I really like the laid back feel in this piece. Although the matters are serious, there's an element of just being freely involved with life carefree regardless of fear.



Patryk Kania - Love Language

Belfast, United Kingdom

Patryk Kania is an artist that I couldn't help relate to. His latest release entitled 'Love Language' is a track that expresses a deep pain through his words and vocals. "Growing up in a secluded place has its perks. It’s quiet, slow-paced and gives you a sense of community. But what happens when you start to develop feelings that this same loving community views as abnormal and deviant? The longing for your kind of love becomes suppressed and you yourself become at odds with who you are inside." The track was written by the artist himself and produced by Florida based Kevin Buster. I had to add this one to both TJPL NEWS and Tamara Jenna's Top Picks playlists this week. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



Bildjan - Humans

Brooklyn, United States

Humans is a track that brings a multitude of genres to the forefront of its sound. The story told here is extremely moving and relative, the productive elements are on point and the hook is one that gets embedded in your brain quite quickly. These are all great indicators for a track that is going to do really well! I think that as this artist continues to develop, we're going to hear the growth in production on a mass scale. I really enjoyed the variety of melodic synths that make up this piece. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves!



Minhy - Entangled

Melbourne, Australia

Credit - Photographer: Bryan Lee, Editor: Minhy

Minhy really impressed me with 'Entangled'. I was instantly hooked by the trapsoul feel of the synths. 'Entangled' is a slick and slow RnB meets electro pop production that tells a story of entanglement. The track paints a dreamscape of laid back beats, lush harmonies, and sweet piano, fused with Minhy’s velveteen vocals and a dangerously infectious hook. 'Entangled' is a love song about a close-knit relationship that walks a fine line between deep connection and over-dependence. One of my favorite feels of the week! Catch it on the TJPL NEWS playlist and Tamara Jenna's Top Picks this week!



DiDs Music - Warrior

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

DiDs Music sent us their latest release this week. 'Warrior' is a piece that takes inspiration from people who are trapped by domestic violence. In a statement the artist said that " Some manage to break free others just need the strength to do so ." The track acts as a voice for those who are trapped in those situations. Messages of demons, war and control are brought to the forefront of this dance production. I loved the strgnth and message that this track sends out. Click the link below to hear it.



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