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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 04/11/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!


BETTY REED - Shallow End

Nashville, United States

Credit - Libby Danforth

Nashville has always been known for providing great talent and Betty Reed is no different. Their latest release ‘Shallow end’ is a piece crammed full of raw emotion and beautifully toned vocals that are both made perfectly for storytelling and obviously exactly for this very track. Utilising a big anticipation-building drum and an extremely beautiful guitar segment at around the two-minute mark, this track is set to be a huge power anthem. There are influences here from a variety of genres, with vocals that could easily flow into the RnB sector, guitars that could be in a rock track, and drums that are often found in the 80s/90s pop ballad tracks, this covers so much ground it's impossible to only listen once for fear of missing out on another hidden embedded gem. (Written by Jasmine, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


DE ANTIQUIS ET NOVIS - Time Is Running Out

Munich, Germany

If you love electronic music, you will know sometimes you need the vibe but not the hype. Well, this is when we can introduce you to German electronic artist De Antiquis et novis with their track ‘Time Is Running Out’. Beginning with a simple keyboard segment, which soon becomes the core of the track, before leading us off into an explosion of synths and deep melodic beats, this track is a whole entire vibe whether you want to sit in your house and chill, host a house party or be out on the dance floor losing yourself in the music. The simple repetitive sound and vocals make this such an easy listen, couple this with the 90s/early 000’s vibe it seems to have, and this is a recipe for a great track! (Written by Jasmine, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


VALENTIN RIERA - Breakfast For Dinner

Québec, Canada

Credit - MRG Photography

Fresh out of Québec, Canada comes a truly talented artist called 'Valentin Riera'. This week I have selected his track, 'Breakfast For Dinner' as part of our Top 10 and let me tell you this, it is a treat!

The single marks the title track of the artists' first EP, showing listeners that it's not always trial and error when you're new to the game.

This track embeds an infectious bassline, EDM drum loops and a vast amount of electronic instruments that are guaranteed to get you in the move to dance! A slick performance from this Canadian.



Wooster, United States

Credit - Cheryl Debono, Michaelangelo's Photography

This Wooster, United States artist utilises beautifully clean guitars as one of the predominant elements of the backing track. This is joined by a simple, double bass drum beat and some super prominent emotion-building keys, which complement the energy of the vocals perfectly. These vocals hold a lot of power, they are almost theatrical and something I could imagine hearing in a stage show. The ability to hold those low drawn-out notes while maintaining their beauty is an amazing skill and they are able to play out the message of the song so well, with the chance to keep entirely connected to the point as a result of their eloquent nature. This is an amazing track and one everyone needs to listen to! (Written by Jasmine, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


YME - Someone Better

Venlo, Netherlands

For a great piece of artistry, it would be wise to look no further than YME. This Venlo, Netherland artist creates amazing, alternative, art pop tracks with a gorgeous dark twist, and this latest release is no different. ‘Someone better’ released on the 30th of October, discusses the feelings towards a previous lover once you have broken up. This almost four-minute track feels too short, as it reaches the end with your yearning for more. It is almost as if the smoothness and calm releases some level of tension within. (Written by Jasmine, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


REUE - Always Late

Austin, Texas, United States

‘Always Late’ is the title of the newest synth-wave track coming from Reue x Synthemesc. The track is a perfect blend of modern dance stylings and future wave beats. The song shifts and churns as it progresses and becomes more and more complex. Get ready to be completely lost in the synth void as Reue x Synthemesc pull you through a wormhole to the future and perfectly scores the supernatural event with pads, drums and that tasty tasty oscillating chip tone.

The song introduces you to its drum section first, getting you comfortable before blowing you sideways with a cyberpunk synth sound from the year 3000. (Written by Freddie McKee, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


GRETE & BIGWELD - Papercut

Manchester, United Kingdom

Credit - Greta Bernotaite

October 21st was a big day for Manchester artists Grete and Bigweld as this was the day, they released their latest track ‘Papercut’.

Kicking off with some extra-terrestrial style sounds encapsulated in some twinkle style synths, that add a beautiful rhythmic feel to it, this frames the first listen of vocals, which are delivered uniquely to the rest of the song, utilising a drawn-out dream style effect before heading into the main of the song where this fast changes to a delivery on the cusp of rap. This excellent track progresses with a simple, subtle but very effective clap-style beat while that original twinkle synth continues to maintain tempo and rhythm. (Written by Jasmine, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


LYSE - Sweatshirt

Tampa, Florida, United States

What a song 'sweatshirt' is! melodic dream pop verges on R&B in this gorgeous production. The melodic electric guitar plucks act as a wave along the seabed of quiet percussion as layered pop/R&B style vocals drift listeners even further away from shore.

I think every female (openly or deep down) longs for the day that someone offers their sweatshirt, jumper, hoodie, coat or jacket to them when they're cold. It's one of those small acts of compassion that shows the nature of a person and their interest in you. 'sweatshirt' is a song that is reflective of those times.


MARIA LANE - Haunting Me

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Clara Jeanne Reed

The musical elements behind ‘Haunting Me’ creates quite a spell-binding experience. There seems to be an occurring theme of ominous soundscapes hooking onto to the main melody line. Additionally, the undertone of hymns in the backing vocals served to create a ritualistic illusion, drawing the listener into the vocals as the subtle soundscape ensured they are at the heartbeat of the song. Maria’s vocals are also fitting with the title, a distinctive rich melody with melancholic undertones does well to produce a haunting atmosphere. There is clear attention to detail in the album’s imagery, which I felt was a nice addition to ensure the wholesome feel to the song was neatly portrayed. (Written by Aimee Stokes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


KELSEY BLACKSTONE - My Superstitions

Boston, United States

Who's ready for some disco funk with a soulful twist? Boston-based Kelsey Blackston is here to give you that full dose of magic. Her latest release entitled 'My Superstitions' has been out for around two weeks now, refusing to lose its sparkle and making moves across oceans.

As Blackston sings her opening vocals acapella listeners are shortly surprised by a funky bassline that sets the whole mood of the piece. As the song progresses listeners get given a mix of big-band brass instrumentation and high-tempo percussion. The brass solos add a deepness to the piece where the vocals take a break.


  • BETTY REED - Shallow End

  • DE ANTIQUIS ET NOVIS - Time Is Running Out

  • VALENTIN RIERA - Breakfast For Dinner

  • LEE MILLER MATSOS - The Only One


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