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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 09/09/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022




Manai, Australia

Credit - Clare Easdown x Simon Pipe

We start off this week's top 10 with “I’ll wait” by Australian Beatmaker, DIY music producer/singer-songwriter, Clare Easdown. This latest release presents tantalizing, dreamy vocals drawing the listener in to go on a journey of emotion. These vocals itch the part of your brain that longs for a slow, mysterious, trance-like experience. The slow building of the snares' importance throughout brings almost an anxious draw that only adds to the desire to hear more. This gives a chilled-out Evanescence vibe and could be being played as you're looking to relax or get those creative juices flowing. One to certainly listen out for.




Butte, MT, United States

Credit - Mary Kantner

Our next entry also from across the pond, but in the United States, is Desperate Electric. This electro duo has blessed the airwaves with their single “What Do You Want”, a track with a beat that can have the stiffest-lipped people tapping a foot or two. The layering of both voices provides some sort of push-pull effect in the listener, which when coupled with some of the notes held at around 3:30 really takes them on a ride with the artists. The introduction of the guitar riffs was nothing but a chef’s kiss to the composition of this track, providing a level of deepness to the sound drawing the listener in so much more.



KATYRUTH - Losing My Confidence

Houston, United States

Number 3 in this week's chart is US KatyRuth, bringing a completely different vibe to this rundown with their single “Losing My Confidence”. This spoken wordesque piece is one that is very current, with the lyrics ringing true to many on a daily basis, as it leans toward a story of self-love and the struggles it can bring. The melodic soft tone of the vocals, coupled with the vocal overlays, feeling almost like thoughts followed by a voice, really brings this piece to life for the listener. The introduction of heavier drums midway through at the highest point keeps the listener walking down the path with Katy feeling what she is feeling.




Los Angeles, United States

Where to begin with Carter Ray’s “Scars”? This is a summer anthem if ever there is one. We start out with the genre's signature bouncy synthesiser, into a smooth almost background beat, focussing on clear soothing vocals, enticing the listener into the story of love and the struggles it can bring. The simple, catchy hook and chorus will be stuck in the minds of listeners all day long. As the track moves on and builds and the vocals become more powerful, Carter really shows their abilities and it becomes hard not to fall into a state of imagining yourself driving around the city, roof down, stereo blasting. Carter Ray has created something that should be being played at festivals so everyone can vibe together with this as the perfect soundtrack to their best memories.



MILENA GALASSO - Summerstorm

London, United States

Next on the list is the angelic vocals of Milena Galasso and their soon-to-be-released, first single “Summerstorm”. This track is another on the list that is purely emotive, utilising vocal layers to emphasise what the artist was feeling when the pen went to paper. This almost borders on a ballad feel with soothing guitar and piano start, slowly building up and transitioning with the heavy drum and cymbal segment which compliments Milena's vocals perfectly. The voice control is something to be envious of, which this track frames so well, displaying an obscene ability to utilise varying pitches and tones, moving between them with ease and style.




Melbourne, Australia

Next to bless the charts is Melbourne Artist, Dragnfly Industri and their track “Ghost”. This track is packed with serene melodies and meditative harmonies which include an incredible vocal orchestra placed between a story of willpower and growth, providing an almost heavenly, gospel experience. The combination of soothing, soft, unique vocals, harsh guitars and drums coupled with intense piano, provides an almost soft rock vibe which could take many back to their youth. This amazing piece certainly allows the listener to be a part of their present story and opens a want to see them flourish in their future career.



SEBASTIAN CLARIN - High Blood Treasure

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Johan Avedal

Next on our list is Sweden's very own Sebastian Clarin with their track “High Blood Treasure”. This psychedelic and mesmerising track is the perfect example of Sweden's ability to bring talent to the masses. Its electronic offering with its almost rock edge provides a temperamental sound that, without the right talent, could easily have gone the wrong way. Sebastian has however managed to mould together what could be considered conflicting sounds, with the begging being something that can be visualised being played by an orchestra as the lights come up, following straight into synthesisers and capturing classic beat. The vocals are raw, and grainy but also rich, offering the listener a window into the Artists vision and placing them in the centre of a dark dancefloor in their favourite music venue. Sebastian is certainly one to keep an eye out for.



CATHAL MURPHY - Ever Since We Were Young

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Next up is Cathal Murphy’s “Ever Since We Were Young”. This is an exciting one for the list as this Edinburgh artist and this specific track was featured in the Northern Irish film Reavy Brothers, a film very close to a lot of people's hearts. Based on the delivery of Cathal's music it is clear why it was picked for such a monumental short piece, given its clear connection to the hymn-like nature often bellowed from the churches across the land and over the drumlins. Delivered by a hauntingly beautiful warm voice, providing a sort of familiarity for those of us raised in an Irish setting, with lyrics that allow the bleed of intense sorrow to flow through. The backing track brings with it a deep meditation that would be a pleasure to be listened to for hours on end.




Park Ridge, United States

Billie Fitz’s “Poets” kicks off with a clean guitar rhythm which could be mistaken for a slowed-down reggae strum pattern, which provides a sound that could be seen to be played in a rom-com movie. The subtle drum beat that is played throughout provides a soothing addition, which leaves you finding yourself tapping along without even realising it. As the track builds up and the smooth, almost sensual vocals are introduced, this piece really pulls together and becomes a track that is clear would become an earworm for many. When you think this could not get any more enticing, then enters a nice dreamy guitar riff paired with the saxophone, luring the listening in one last time. This piece has been expertly brought together and executed, which seems to play on a number of genres, making this a great track for people from all music tastes to enjoy.



ROBERT O'CONNOR - One Way Ticket

Dublin, Ireland

Finally, this week we have been blessed with a pre-release listen to Robert O’Connors “One Way ticket”. This is a unique track for the time, there are little to no sounds like this on the airwaves at the moment, could this be the track to set a new trend? This pop electro artist true to form has curated another amazing anthem, with real, deep and meaningful lyrical excellence layered over a catchy, fun, energetic backing track. The deep vocals are reminiscent of the men without hats era of music, making this perfect to become another LGBTQ anthem under the artist's belt to be played between the rainbows.





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