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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 21/10/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022



Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Credit - @vvstephan (Stephan Looney)

First up in this week's Top 10 we have IHATEJON a North Carolina artist and their track discussing all things lost. When you wake up feeling like absolute rubbish, this is the track to play to put those emotions into words. Utilising a high-energy beat but with dreamy downplayed guitars and keys 'Wake up’ comes across as an entire contradiction! The slightly muffled vocals provide an element of attention-grabbing, as they're in the background and could almost be phased out if not too careful. This track I can imagine this being great when you just need to zone out and stare into space but still have something of substance going on around you.


MISHELL IVON - More Than This

Munich, Germany

Next up we have an electro heavy track with a sound that, to begin with almost sounds like a varied version of 5ives get on up! As the song progresses, we are introduced to gorgeous deep beats with awesome synths setting the scene and allowing us to feel the vibe of what's to come. Then in come the beautifully enticing vocals with a head-bopping flow! The German artist Mishell Ivon and their track ‘More than this’ have created an electric track fit for every dance floor, providing a 90’s pop feel with a modern dance twist. This track evidences that Mishell certainly knows how to get the crowd going.


OLYM - Run Away (Into The Night)

New York, United States

Introduction number three comes from New York artist Olym. Don’t be fooled by the slow intro to this one, it soon bursts into an explosive, meaningful track containing a variety of highs and lows. The multiple build-ups contained throughout really keep the listeners' attention. ‘Run away (Into The Night)’ is one to have playing between the flashing lights while you’re trying to forget your problems on the dance floor. With a classic club beat, simple but catchy lyrics, and vocals you just instantly warm to, I have zero doubt you will feel a hell of a lot of nostalgia listening to this piece.


MACARENA - Paradise

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Credit - Pictures were shot by Gabriel and edited by Macarena

Now we change things up a little with an amazing Amsterdam artist, Macarena, and their gorgeous soulful vocal stylings. Harnessing almost a Jazz feel this track certainly hits all areas of the soul in an inexplicable way. Kicking off with slow dreamy vocal layers before kicking into a heavy RnB beat, Macarena has really done something huge with their latest track ‘Paradise’. Creating a track about slowly coming out of your shell and becoming yourself and working toward self-acceptance, this amazing artist has utilised soothing soundscapes to introduce us to the inner workings of her making this change throughout lockdown.


ALEJ - Hopeless Romantic

Miami, FL, United States

Credit - Valerie Perez

As we hit the midway point of this week's run-through, we change it up again with this awesome Miami-based artist and their track ‘Hopeless Romantic’. I know everyone, in one way or another, will relate to this one. Utilising an almost ballad-style backing, this great release from Alej explains the way it feels to be just what the title states a ‘hopeless romantic’. With the use of claps and deep beats this track is on I can imagine being played at a concert with the crowd singing back. Featuring a call-reply delivery, it is primed and ready to be played to the masses.


CANDY RIOT - Heart Of Glass

Austin, TX, United States

As we keep it moving, we head in another completely new direction. We all know the timeless classic ‘Heart of Glass’, well this is a whole new version! Something we can all sing to, given it’s known and loved worldwide, but with a whole new feel. Containing a slowed-down backing track and much more dreamy vocals Candy Riot, of Austin Texas, have taken a classic and somehow made it unique. There is a strong use of electronics effortlessly bringing this amazing track into the modern age. The introduction of the cut-offs with the synth playing adds a whole new level to this track allowing the listener to be fully immersed in this whole new experience.


XSKARMA - Sacrifice You Make

Bristol, United Kingdom

You know when you hear someone sing and the vocals grab your attention away from whatever you are doing? Well, this is what happened with Bristolian artist Xskarma. From the second the lyrics kicked in the phone went down and my attention was gained. This garage band-style drum beat and simple combination of guitar and keys are only used subtly to wrap the vocals of vocalist Frannie B which clearly and obviously carries this track. 'Sacrifice you make’ is such a calming track with so many elements that need to be listened to multiple times in order to be appreciated fully as each time a new intricacy can be found.


THE BADLY BEHAVED - Govinda Jaya Jaya

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Kalmar Recordings

Nearing the end of the list, we have to change this up again with Berlin artists The Badly Behaved. This is an epic fusion of traditional Hindu chanting combined with a classical, yet still unique bassline, glorious percussions, clear keys, and heavy guitar usage, is a whole vibe and experience to be not just heard but enjoyed. Titled ‘Govinda Jaya Jaya’ after the chants often utilised within the Krishna Consciousness movement this is a whole new adventure for many to come across this track. Its fast tempo, repetitive lyrics, and soothing vocals make this a nice calming track to listen to when you are ready to relax.


AIKO TOMI - Handful

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Evie Maynes

This week has been a good one as we hit our penultimate track in our top ten for this week with one from Toronto artist Aiko Tomi. This is such an explosive one to have on the list this week with some super interesting soundscapes and catchy-as-hell lyrics. Starting with a slow but simple tapping we are quickly into an extreme dance track. The bass in this one will have the speakers rocking and the neighbours knocking! The electronic sound on this super-fast track has you begging for more as the end appears just as you are able to get your head around what you are hearing.


FRANK JOSHUA - Five Minutes (Jon Kennedy Remix)

London, United Kingdom

Last on this list brings the energy back down slightly and gives us a chance to stop and appreciate great music. Seeing us out this week is London artist Frank Joshua and their track Five Minutes. This has a slightly contradictory tone to it, with soothing, calming almost monotone vocals coupled with a speedier, beat-heavy backdrop. All the varying peaks and lows, keep the listener on a roller-coaster of a journey with the artist, hanging onto every word and keeping their attention as they anticipate the next peak or fall. ‘Five Minutes’ is an amazing, unique, and beautifully produced track.


NUMBER 1 - MACARENA - Paradise

NUMBER 2 - OLYM - Run Away (Into The Night)

NUMBER 3 - CANDY RIOT - Heart Of Glass

NUMBER 4 - ALEJ - Hopeless Romantic

NUMBER 5 - MISHELL IVON - More Than This


NUMBER 7 - AIKO TOMI - Handful

NUMBER 8 - FRANK JOSHUA - Five Minutes (Jon Kennedy Remix)

NUMBER 9 - THE BADLY BEHAVED - Govinda Jaya Jaya

NUMBER 10 - XSKARMA - Sacrifice You Make


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