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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 28/10/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022


GO4BROKE - Don't Speak

Philadelphia, United States

This week's top ten starts off with Philidelphia, United States artist Go4broke. This artist has released an amazing track ‘Don’t speak’ which is an explosive highly energetic and extremely catchy piece set to get you up and dancing around your bedroom. This super infectious, upbeat feel-good track has so many elements at play through extremely meticulous production each listen will have you finding a new element to love. From the groove-filled guitar to the glorious drums and even down to the high-energy synths, this piece has been put together with precious to frame the amazing vocals. This is such an enticing track and has the listener waiting on every single beat.


GLOW BEETS - You Will Never Know

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Number two on this week's offering is an artist to watch that goes by the name Glow Beets and their track ‘You will never know’. This Birmingham, United Kingdom artist kicks off their latest release with a soothing calm guitar strum before heading straight into the vocals containing a semi-fast and rhythmic flow, getting directly to the point, which peaks the listeners' interests immediately. The gorgeous layers laced over a simple drum beat offer fantastic energy to the track allowing the listener to feel as though they are part of the track and can chant along with the artist.


E!ENA - Cognitive Dissonance

Burlington, VT, United States

Number three on this week's run down we introduce you to E!ena, a Burlington, United States artist with their latest release Cognitive Dissonance. This track kicks off with some scene-setting sounds, including a crash before heading into dreamy, warm-styled vocals. Featuring some solid, steady, and comforting drum beat along with gorgeous saxophone segments this piece touches on a number of varying genres as a Jazz influence bleeds through. All the elements fused together make for a track with a heavy topic that can be listened to at the darkest of times but also when you are looking to chill out.



Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom

Next up this week we have Lytham St Annes artist Ashey Benjamin hitting us with an absolute tune! ‘Someone to love’ encompasses explosive beats from the off! Featuring intense build-ups and epic drops this gloriously produced house track is certainly set to become a Christmas party anthem. Utilising the topic of finding someone to love this energetic track has nothing but pure vibes to offer, with catchy vocals, beats consisting of claps, and cymbals combining to create an overall dance-worthy tune. This commercial-grade club-ready track will have you up and dancing the night away in no time!



Salt Lake City, United States

Credit - Kizzy Kalu, Ian Kirby, Iain Lumsden

The next track is introduced via distorted, reversed electric guitar strums before kicking into the smooth vocals of Salt Lake City artist Tag!. Discussing what seems to be the struggle of the mind and not knowing whether you want to continue in the life currently laid out or not. It is an emotional piece that many of us can or will have related to at some point, the fall before the strength. ‘IDWBHA’ features a clean steady but heavy beat, clean claps, catchy lyrics, and low-tone vocals that tie in perfectly with the theme of the track. The changing flow between slow, rap and singing adds a variety of elements that almost feel like they represent the push and pull of the mind when in this place.


FREYJA ELSY - Golden Hour

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cardiff artist Freyja Elsy has released her latest track ‘Golden hour’ a beautifully unique piece that shows the amazing talent that is possessed within this individual. Utilising beautifully calming vocals, that contain an almost Celtic feel to them this track has many twists and turns which keep the listener interested entirely in what will happen next. The gorgeous use of layers brings a great deal of depth and emotion to the track along with the use of varying interesting sounds not found in most other tracks in its category. This is a beautiful release perfect for those days you need something a little more rhythmic to appease you.


THELIXX - Hayley

Pontypridd, United Kingdom

Next up we have the amazingly energetic track ‘Hayley’ from Pontypridd, Cardiff indie pop band Thelixx. Following a very short guitar riff in the beginning we explode into a wave of sound, where we are introduced to epic drum beats as well as gorgeous vocals that will have you captivated and locked in from the first note. As the song progresses, we are introduced to epic guitar shreds that leave you craving more, drum intensity that has you feeling the need to jump around, and extremely catchy lyrics you will be shouting along to in no time at all. This is a super high-energy track perfect for those days you need a bit of energy.


Bear Beat - 4thegang

South Ferriby, United Kingdom

Credit - Tim Marshall

Remember when we all chanted rhymes in the playground and skipped to them? Well, South Ferriby’s Bear beat this will take you back to that time. Kicking off with a rhythmic verse ‘4thegang’ garners your attention without any effort. The slow backing track that remains steadily behind the catchy chanting vocals offers a 90s feel to this piece while maintaining a level of a modern twist. The celestial sounds that flow throughout offer a level of intrigue, as the listener tries to figure out what would come next before the claps kick in and the beat deepens and bass is subtly introduced. This track is great for that chilled-out vibe.


MYOON - Let It Shine

Paris, France

As we near the end of this week's list we reach the amazing track ‘Let it shine’ by Parisian duo Myoon. This epic track features some echo beats, beautiful percussion, and soothing dreamy vocals, but this is just to start. As the track builds up and progresses, we are introduced to a more extensive click to complement the beat and synth usage. This electronic track just keeps on introducing elements until we are entirely surrounded by sound! Somehow this track is both upbeat enough to be club-ready while maintaining the calmness to allow it to be suitable for what you’re relaxing in the house.


MARCO SEPE - Hallucinations

Asbury Park, NJ, United States

Credit - Marco Sepe

Finishing off this week's offerings is the gorgeous stylings of Ashbury Park, NJ’s Marco Sepe, and their beautiful track ‘Hallucinations’. This track covers the feeling of losing a relationship and with it all your life, discussing the fact that the good times that were remembered were ‘Hallucinations’. This emotionally charged track utilises amazing guitar riffs with almost a rock-style vocal, combined with some beautiful keys to create an intense catchy track that takes the listener on a journey through every thought process and emotion this artist is going through, taking us through the highs and lows via the use of backing track cuts, allowing us to be totally in tune with all that is happening!


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