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Shadows In The Fire

London, United Kingdom

London-based ‘Dave Mohan’ has released his spectacularly emotive new single ‘Shadows in the Fire’. Taking form as a soft-rock ballad with a warm vintage feel, the piece welcomes a lineup of musicians across three continents to take centre stage.

Strings, brass, dynamic rhythms, from the smooth and soulful feel of the Motown period to the classical roots of this artist, there’s something for everyone within this production! The funkiness of the basslines along with the scatters of keys creates a jazz bar classic.

The vocals, fronted by the Grammy Nominated vocalist Lydia Salnikova are nothing less than moving. Luring listeners in with her execution is something that stands out here. The lyrics stand out for their juxtaposed wordplay such as “laughed at life’s cold gaze” and “make the darkness bright”.

The mastering of the song couldn’t be better, something to be expected by the likes of Abbey Road Studios’ very own Andy Walter.

‘Shadows In The Fire’ is a song that oozes class and soulfulness. A timeless and magical composition with a hint of sass. Nothing less than a sensational project from Dave Mohan. - TAMARA JENNA

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