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DAX's 'Catch The Rain': A Lyrical Journey Through Life's Inevitable Cycles

DAX's 'Catch The Rain': An Artistic Exploration of Time, Pain, and the Eternal Human Struggle

In the sonic torpedo that is DAX, the world can expect nothing short of concise, moving and lyrically sharp releases - His latest release "Catch The Rain" is no different.

Dax is widely known for his philosophical undertones and poetic lyrics. He delves deep into the human psyche within every single release, and here, in "Catch The Rain" we are blessed with yet another extraordinary statement from the social media sensation.

A figure for resilience, understanding and hope, DAX stands as a modern-day superstar in the world of Hip-Hop. His messages are strong and his execution is just as potent. Through the release of "Catch The Rain", listeners can expect a raw and honest pour of emotions against a backdrop of trap percussion, 808s and a simple yet emotive melody. Allowing for the vocals to hold their weight in gold, the repetition of the beat doesn't feel monotonous, rather it adds to the affirmative message of the song.

DAX has a way of merging religious undertones into popular hip-hop alongside Philosophical and theological messages of strength. Through this release he makes references to time and pain, addressing cycles. Time, human emotions, the weather, they all go around. They all have their cycles. The difference is that as humans we feel them, we question them and we try to return to what we remember of times gone. We try to fix things. Those who over feel and overthink end up in cycles of turmoil with subliminal existential angst. The way the cycle works is that having been there once, twice, three times with good times in between, you learn to expect the fall. There lies the trap. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, sometimes you're somewhat consistent... for a while. BUT you can't stop the cycle. You can't control it, you can't "Catch The Rain".

Again, here we have a song that you have to hear to feel. No words on this page can do the trick. Like with all great speakers, the execution is worth more than the words on a page alone, so head over to the video above or the link below to hear it for yourselves.

DAX is one of those rare phenomena in life that you don't realise you've been waiting for until you've found it. His relationship between himself, his mind and his pen is not only his own, rather it speaks to a universal human experience. Whether that be tapping into your own emotions or offering a new perspective on the troubles of others, I'd be shocked if you aren't able to find value in this song.

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