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DAX - The Devil's Calling


The Devil's Calling

Wichita, United States

When vulnerability and human experience meet art we endure something of a portal into the mind of its creator. Speaking of portals, "straight from the depths of hell" a demon seems to have made its way into the narrative of future Hip Hop Legend Dax's latest video. 'The Devil's Calling' is a song that Dax wrote in 2020 straight after experiencing sleep paralysis. That s*** is seriously scary.

Using the experience as a projection of his love for God, and battles with demons, Dax has crafted yet another outstanding concept video here. As ever, expect cinematic visuals, pounding flows and a whole load of inspiration!

Teaming up with beatmaker Lexnour once again, the pair have blasted that demon straight back to his unholy origins.

Definitely worth the watch, once you do, you will be hooked on Dax’s motivation and spark to bring hope to a broken world.



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