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DEBO RAY Releases Empowering New Single "Feelin' Lucky"

Grammy-nominated artist Debo Ray drops her third single "Feelin' Lucky," a neo-disco pop track, produced by Grammy-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander.


Debo Ray, a Grammy-nominated one-woman tour de force, is back with the release of her new single "Feelin' Lucky". This track is the third single from her highly anticipated debut solo album, produced by Grammy-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander. Known for her vocal versatility and dynamic performances, Ray's latest release continues to showcase her ability to blend contemporary R&B with neo-soul and pop elements.

About Debo Ray

Debo Ray is a celebrated singer, songwriter, and performer, renowned for her vocal versatility and powerful stage presence. After years of performing on some of the world's biggest stages with various bands, she embarked on a solo career in 2022. "Feelin' Lucky" is the third single released ahead of her debut solo album, produced by Prince Charles Alexander, a Grammy-winning producer/engineer who has worked with legends like Mary J Blige, Usher, and Diddy.

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About "Feelin' Lucky"

"Feelin' Lucky" is a neo-disco pop track with playful lyrics that turn the typical saying "lucky in love" on its head. The song celebrates the joy and empowerment found in breaking free from a bad relationship. With its infectious hooks, funky bass lines, and retro disco elements, "Feelin' Lucky" is designed to get listeners dancing while delivering a powerful message of self-empowerment.

Recording and Production

The single was produced by Prince Charles Alexander and co-written by Debo Ray and Jerry Velona. The recording sessions took place at Berklee College of Music, where both Ray and Alexander are faculty members. This collaboration has resulted in a track that seamlessly blends contemporary R&B with elements of funk, disco, and pop.

Quotes and Reviews

“Debo is a force to be reckoned with, an amazing vocalist,” said producer Prince Charles Alexander. “I’ve worked with many great singers and she’s definitely up there at the top of the list.”

Upcoming Releases

Debo Ray plans to release singles every six weeks throughout 2024, leading up to her debut album in early 2025. Each track will continue to explore themes of empowerment, joy, and resilience, showcasing Ray's unique vocal talent and lyrical depth.


"Feelin' Lucky" is a testament to Debo Ray's ability to craft songs that are both musically captivating and emotionally resonant. With its upbeat groove and empowering lyrics, this single is sure to resonate with listeners and build anticipation for her upcoming debut album.



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