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Updated: Dec 16, 2022


Holiday Soul

Toronto, Canada

‘Holiday Soul’ is a fitting title for the latest release from Desarae Dee due to its smooth and soothing alchemy of Jazz, R&B and Neo-soul. I for one always enjoy the smoother festive songs just as much if not more than the traditional pop traditions of the Winter period.

The Toronto-based whirlwind that is Desarae Dee describes herself as a fusion artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, content creator and Educator proving herself to represent a strong identity of reference for Black Female Excellence.

Now, let’s sit back and enjoy some ‘Holiday Soul’ just in time for the big day!

‘Holiday Soul’ is a timeless piece which embraces traditional neo-soul Rhodes samples with trap meets R&B percussion loops. Sprinkles of chimes, the smoothness of bass guitar and electronic futuristic R&B synths pave the way to greatness.

I always find something extremely beautiful in instrumentals – they allow for a spiritual perception that appeals to every listener subjectively. To me, ‘Holiday Soul’ could fit within the realms of a Winter production as well as a standalone piece that can make it through the entire year.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Desarae Dee as she continues to prosper and pave the way for female talent.


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