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Like A November

Washington D.C., United States

Credit - Designs/J. Perk Productions/Desmond Parson

R&B lover? A sucker for Neo Soul? Well, Washington D.C based artist Desmond Parson has a whole album of pure bliss for you! 9 tracks of an in-your-feels seasonal cycle in the form of his latest album 'Like a November'.

There's something within the darker evenings and colder nights that make us want to hibernate in our own homes and minds. This is something that this soulful artist has captured perfectly in his craft, to not only express those feelings but to also enjoy those cosey nights in!

'Like a November begins with an introduction in the form of a full-length production. It also marks the start of the project with a collaboration between Parson and Ericka Floyd and what a start this is! The title of this song? 'Come Through November (Intro)'.

Slick guitar plucks, honkey tonk keys, sprinkles of magic and smooth percussion open the piece before transitioning flawlessly into a bass-infused jazz experimentalism that rests as a backdrop to spoken word reflections, backing vocals and an all-together genius and freedom!

'Blue Nile' continues to provide a soulful and smooth performance from Parson. Leaning towards a mix of synth soul and the energy of jazz instrumentation this song will hypnotise any audience. Slow basslines carry this production through its subtleness and finesse, the dream pop vibe of the piece lifts the production into a crossroads between commercial soul and experimental jazz.

'Let's Pretend' brings the harmonies by the bucket load! Smooth, uplifting, soulful - there's a theme to Parson's creations - Pure feeling, depth and consistency.

The lyrics address a relatable phenomenon. Ever been with someone just because? Maybe you can't bare the change, you become attached to what has been or you just want someone for the sake of not being alone during the darker months? 'Let's Pretend' will capture your feelings and then free them through your earphones.

'I'll Be Around' dives into instant swirls of twee-sounding synths, woodblock percussion, persistent hi-hats and good old-school R&B/Neo-Soul vocals. This song immediately stands out as a Pharrell Williams stylism - Never ever a bad thing!

'Something Kind of Sweet' marks the second collaboration on this album in the form of vocalist Anna Surv. Slapback delays on electric guitars, a full bassline, keys, and gorgeous harmonies between vocalists combined with soulful backing vocals. This is by far the standout track on this album! I will listen to this on loop! What a production!

'Possibly (Remix)' brings a whole collection of artists into one song! Here we have contributions from Kojo Snowden, Ashley Watkins and Shao and of course, Desmond Parson too. Here we find ourselves immersed once more in a Pharrell Williams-style production that is full of persistent percussion, neo-soul piano synths and a mix of rap and sung vocals. Another great collaborative effort!

'Triumphant' is one of those in your feels, eyes closed, head bobbing to the rhythm songs that you listen to with every part of your mind and feel within every piece of your soul. This soulful experimental jazz-infused piece of lawlessness embodies traditional jazz, neo-soul and scattered trap percussion to lift the listener to new levels.

'Give Me Your Heart (Levitation)' harmonies from the off, this is a song that will continue your soul flight to new heights. Sit back and enjoy this one - there are no words needed from me - Desmond Parson does all the talking needed!

Concluding the album is a song entitled 'Come Through November (Outro)'. Ending the project on a short collaboration with Lee Flowers, we are brought round full circle back to the start with added guitar solos in an ending that speaks nothing but pure bliss.

A solid performance from Desmond Parson that will speak to many souls!


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