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DIONEESUS - Social Media Masterpiece - LATEST RELEASE


Social Media Masterpiece

Pittsburgh, United States

Credit - Asia Margo

Dioneesus reveals a powerful message concerning social media addiction and dealing with the real and morphed versions of ourselves we share on our online profiles.

The way the song is delivered is perfect for their message. The verses take a powerful and bold delivery, acting as a conversation with the listener and an exploration of the artist’s mind. The chorus then takes a sweeter tone, the contrasting delivery in the vocals is quite fitting with the changing and unpredictable world of social media.

Dioneesus’ musical choices intertwine hip-hop and R&B styles, a merge of synth and beats to give the song an infectious feel. The lyrics were woven into the music cleverly, a repetition of the different social media apps on a loop, illuminating the endless number of hours many of us spend on our online profiles.

Dioneesus’ musical choices delivered this message in a unique way, being able to relate to the audience and their own internal battles of finding their authentic self, yet also unleashing harmonious and uplifting beats ensures this message will stick in the listener’s mind.

Check out ‘Social Media Masterpiece’ and prepare to be enlightened by their take on the effect social media has on our mental health.


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