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My Show

Harefield, United Kingdom

Credit -Tania Filip

Stop in your tracks, Dirty Mitts are back to steal your attention! After speeding their way through a bold and blistering collection of alt-rock performances, London-based the group are back with a brand new track once again! The title of their latest release is 'My Show' and true to its title, it is in fact a showstopping performance indeed.

The four-piece consists of Tommy (singer), Matt (bass player), Mo (both guitarists) and Mateusz (drums) all of whom offer a rich and distinct sound from various parts of the UK, Poland, and Egypt.

‘My Show’ continues their quest to present rich and enigmatic textures from start to finish through the use of energising refreshing riffs and out-of-this-world hooks throughout.

"You can scrub and scrub, but the Dirt just won’t come off!" - DIRTY MITTS, My Show

Opening with a super classic Rock & Roll guitar riff sets the bar high in anticipation for the rest of the track, something that just gets better and better with every progression! I for one will definitely be getting my Fender out after this! This song is absolutely packed with high energy and skill!

If you're down to get headbanging and possibly throw in a sneaky little bit of air guitar when nobody is watching then hit play on the link above for some fire!


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