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DJ RAUNY Drops Energetic New Dance Single "You and Me"

Indian-born Irish DJ Rauny, now based in Singapore, releases his latest dance anthem "You and Me," capturing the essence of a joyful night out with high-energy beats and clean drops.


Indian-born Irish DJ Rauny, currently based in Singapore, released his latest single "You and Me" on June 9, 2024. This high-energy dance track, inspired by the joy of couples enjoying a night out, features vibrant beats and clean drops that capture the essence of Singapore's unique dance and food culture.

About DJ Rauny

Hitesh Singh, known professionally as DJ Rauny, began producing music at the age of 16. Despite starting his career in music at a young age, he released his first two singles in 2023. With influences from renowned artists like Tiesto, David Guetta, Jax Jones, and Wax Motif, DJ Rauny blends various elements to create unique and engaging tracks.

About "You and Me"

"You and Me" is a celebration of love and joy, reflecting the experience of couples who go out to enjoy a genuinely good night. The track features unusual endings and clean drops, mirroring the dynamic and vibrant culture of Singapore. DJ Rauny shares, "I wrote this song as my daughter was born so that she could grow up dancing, singing along, and enjoying this track."

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Musical and Lyrical Themes

The song is characterized by its high-energy beats and vibrant melodies, making it a perfect addition to any dance or workout playlist. With female vocals adding a catchy and uplifting vibe, "You and Me" promises to resonate with listeners who enjoy EDM and electronic pop music.

Notable Achievements

While DJ Rauny has yet to play notable gigs or festivals, his previous release—a Bollywood house remix at age 18—highlighted his unique approach to music production. Recorded in his home office with his 3-month-old daughter watching, "You and Me" is a testament to his dedication and passion for music.

Upcoming Plans

Following the release of "You and Me," DJ Rauny is focused on continuing to produce high-energy tracks that blend various genres. His commitment to adding vibrant beats to any genre sets him apart in the EDM scene.


DJ Rauny's "You and Me" is an energetic and uplifting dance track that captures the joy of a night out. Available now on all major streaming platforms, this single is set to make waves in the EDM and electronic pop scene.



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