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Lil Brothers

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

We have something special to share with you today in the form of Indianapolis-based ‘DooWop40’.

‘Lil Brothers’ is a song that was written for the younger generation to let them know that blood isn’t the only thing that makes brothers. In a statement, ‘DooWop40’ said that the purpose of the song is to

“[let] them know that we don’t have to be blood for me to love them or show them, love, because we come from the same worldwide struggle”. - DooWop40

The standout feature of the track is the lyrical content which makes it clear that solidarity is the way forward. Something that always hits differently in trap tracks is the use of guitar samples – and this one has a gorgeous loop throughout, one that stands out as an old school Hip-Hop inspired pluck along with trap percussion and the occasional 808 for bass.

Hit play on the video above to check out some US-based, trap vibes and don't forget to hit those socials.



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