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EHRAH - Stardust Genesis - ALBUM REVIEW

Updated: Oct 20, 2022


Stardust Genesis

Montreal, Canada

Fresh out this morning comes the latest album from Montreal-based pop artist Ehrah. This 10-track paradise goes by the name of "Stardust Genesis", a collection of Synthwave and Electro pop with hints of the 80s.

The album opens with "Shroboscope", a track that sets the supersonic futuristic theme nicely. The song brings in bubbly twee sounds as it begins to pick up momentum. A synth bass adds to the feel of the track allowing for the sounds to fill the space of the production whilst increasing the velocity of its parts. This is a nice relaxing 80s-themed production similar to some of the instrumentals by the genius that is The Weeknd. A few twangy guitar solos are thrown in too along with a dominant drum kick.

"Spike's Song" features VENMC in a collaborative piece of tales and wonder. Going in straight for the kill, "Spike's Song" brings computerised twee sounds that are reminiscent of retro arcade games. This is a song that would suit so many video games! From racing games to radio play, I think that this track has its fingers in a multitude of pies. Heavily autotuned and transposed vocals offer a futuristic feel to a retro instrumental.

Moving on to the third track, "Galaxy" offers another brilliant collaboration, this time in the form of an artist named LAU before moving on to "Gamma Loner". Here listeners are brought into the world of Ehrah and VENMC where EDM gets a whole lot hotter!

"Interstellar" takes us into the middle of the album where there's a slower melodic feel to this highly reflective piece. Holding the futuristic themes in mind, "Interstellar" seems to act as a transition from one realm or emotion to another before welcoming listeners to "A Little Time" featuring Power Rob. Again, the mood seems to have taken a different turn, deeper more raw vocals are found against the backdrop of a minor-sounding melody. I love the contrast between the first half and the second half of this album, it showcases a multitude of skills and talents without compromising its quality.

"By The Weekend" reintroduces VENMC showcasing the mix of autotune with dark lyrics and a funky Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia style bassline. Transitioning into the next song we find ourselves reintroduced to LAU too! Again, we hear a more gloomy side to all involved in this production.

"Constellation" marks the penultimate track and guess what? VENMC makes his third and final appearance just in time for closing. The bassline offers a moody electro feel to the piece along with bell synths and a deep and meaningful vocal. This is one of my favorite songs on the album! Now, we find ourselves at the end of this super rocket of an album - The tenth and final song is the title track - something that you rarely see from artists. This is a slow burner, but it works as an effective fade out to a spectacular project!


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