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Emme O'Neill’s Latest Single “Drinking Problems”: A Heartfelt Reflection on Love and Addiction

Emme O'Neill cover art for her latest single "Drinking Problems"

Emme O’Neill’s latest single “Drinking Problems” is a honeyed modern pop, R&B collaboration that captures her distinct tone and aura. With this release, Emme continues to build on her reputation for creating clean arrangements and detailing her emotional experiences in her music.

The track is slow, sensual and captivating. Trap percussion, autotuned vocals and the occasional guitar appearance set the tone for the rest of the song. Emme’s raw and honest lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles of loving someone with addiction, with lines like “I’ve been praying for an angel to save you from yourself” hitting particularly hard but that's far from all! Electric guitars fill in sweet melodies, 808s glide in, and drums are dark and exciting - all setting the tone for an unexpected rap verse from Big Trip.

“Drinking Problems” is a raw and real reflection of the challenges that come with loving someone with an addiction. Emme’s powerful lyrics are delivered with an emotive vocal performance that is both vulnerable and honest. The track features a modern, pop-infused sound that showcases Emme’s ability to combine authenticity and musicality.

Overall, “Drinking Problems” is a powerful and heartfelt reflection on love and addiction that showcases Emme O’Neill’s undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter. With this latest release, she has proven that she is a rising star in the world of modern pop and R&B. On that note, it's only fair to place this release into our Ones2Watch!



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