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ENGL Founders Edition E670FE: A Legacy Reinvented in Metal and Melody

ENGL amps have a deep-rooted heritage in rock. Their amps and cabs have backed some of the biggest names in the guitar world and they deliver on sound, texture, and power (emphasis on power). ENGL amps are synonymous with metal. The chug of the 80s scene, into the 90s with the faster harder sound; where long hair is being thrown in a mosh pit, there is an ENGL amp shouting a melody. The company has hit 40 years of age and to celebrate they have brought back a fan-favourite amp, the Special Edition. Though this time it’s got a new face, some new ideas, but still packs that same ENGL punch.

If you needed a heavy beefy amp then ENGL was your best bet. Today, they have taken their status as a metal magnate, and used their pedigree and understanding of the evolving needs of the musician, to develop stunning new amps. The Founders Edition has been 15 years in the making. It is essentially a modded Special Edition amp that was picked apart and fiddled with for thousands of hours. The resulting head is a thing of beauty and a thing of poise. Yes, the Founders Edition E670FE can still melt your face, in fact, it can do it even better than before. But it can also bulk down, freshen up, and produce wonderfully vibrant clean tones. The Founders is just as good at clean funk as it is at metal.

The head is a tube amp at heart, you can pick either EL34 Valves or 6L6 Valves, both are going to deliver that stunning variety, it’s just which valve tone you like best. To keep things modern though, there are quality of life improvements everywhere. Additions like the onboard reverb and the advent of 3 effects loops opens the Founders Edition up to a mammoth amount of customisation and play. At £2,999 on Andertons, the E670FE is no budget amp head. It’s not trying to be. It is, however, a stunning feat of tube amp design, with a sound profile that will dominate any genre of music, and a pedigree that will keep it going for generations. An amp for the ages, built by legends.

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