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Surrey, United Kingdom

Surrey-based rock/commercial pop artist #HannahDorman addresses the concept of manifestation in her latest EP entitled "222". Through this 5 track project #HannahDorman uses the theme of empowerment and self-love to encourage her audience to be authentic. For those of you who aren't familiar with the notion of numbers and symbolism - 222 has been used as a way for #HannahDorman to showcase her interest in angel numbers. In modern spirituality angel numbers, particularly 222 to #HannahDorman represents following its constant strong presence throughout the process of creating this body of work. Intrigued? Me too. The EP was co-written with Irish pop singer-songwriter Ivon Roberts and produced by Sam Ray (of the synth-pop duo Friday Night Firefight). The project opens with the track #Gasoline. This track opens with a bang - you can clearly hear the K-Pop influence in this track, it's fun, well put together and an ultimate "girl crush" anthem. I love the way that the rock elements are subtle enough to fit into the pop realm. This is a faultless track and I'm sure that every pop lover will vibe with this piece! After hearing this opening song I am in no doubt sure that #HannahDorman is a serious artist to look out for! This is a song that will empower women to take back control and man it is powerful. #Gullible continues the upbeat nature but offers a darker side of pop. I love love love love love this song so much! Continuing the theme of female empowerment #HannahDorman and team have created another smash hit in #Gullible. The heaviness of the lead guitar and drums brings a feel of #Paramore to the project. I'm 100% here for this track - get listening to this, it's for pop and rock lovers! Perfectly mixed instrumentation, perfectly mixed vocal layers, and catchy af lyrics. 10/10. #NoBoysAllowed continues to carry the crown for #HannahDorman in the form of a tongue-in-cheek rock song that challenges toxic masculinity again promoting self-empowerment. This song is a dark pop/rock track that is destined to take over the world. Again, not only flawless but also a masterpiece! #Perfect showcases a different tone to #HannahDorman's vocals - going back to the #Paramore style pop/rock this track brings high energy through a pounding drum composition - Iove the breakdown in the verses and the high energy in the hook. Concluding the project is the song #Fire. In this piece we hear a completely different side to #HannahDorman's artistry in the form of a tropical house banger! Claps and trap drum loops accompany the tropical house synths before bringing in the drop! This is the ultimate track for the Summer! #HannahDorman and team have brought some serious energy here! I can't wait to hear more from them! You should most certainly click the link below to get familiar with this artist!



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