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New Bag

Atlanta/Miami, United States

Credit - Corinne Stevie

Unfollow Me. are an alternative Hip-Hop duo and has gifted us with their debut EP ‘New Bag’. This unique pair of musicians came together with a passion for “music, technology, and artistic expression.” Their name Unfollow Me. is totally unique and quite questionable but it does hold an interesting meaning for the choice. The duo playfully hit at society’s obsession with social media and gaining followers, thus giving us a sense of humour and personality. This EP is a super cool and creative collection of experimental electronic sounds with traditional Hip-hop beats with uplifting and positive messaging thus resulting in absolute banger after banger! ‘New Bag’ consists of four tracks that are absolutely teasing us with brilliant bass bangers, thus enticing us and making us want a full album!

The first track ‘Who?’ is a super impressive introduction to the EP, starting with a bouncing beat and a bold bassline with freaky, funky, fun overtones and infectiously smooth breakdowns, you will not be able to resist vibing along to this banger. The tune has a uniquely bold and brilliant rap style that truly captivates you instantly, as you take in and absorb the thought-provoking yet catchy lyrics “Who do you wanna be? Who do you wanna be now?” as you bounce to the playfully dirty melody. This song leaves you questioning yourself and your aspirations with a positive vibe! ‘New Bag’ is a seriously smooth yet undeniably upbeat bop! I promise as you listen your shoulders will be bouncing from side to side as your head is nodding up and down with the bright brilliant beats, the irresistible and exciting electronic sounds, not forgetting that deep low bassline that you can feel vibrate through you. The vocals are cool, clear, and smooth with a funky rhythmic rap that has fun and catchy lyrics, you will be singing along! Following on ‘Nothing to Worry Bout’ starts with a super creative intro which sounds quite like a clip from an interview thus sharing how the daring dynamic duo was named and I like it! It is an intriguing and enlightening way to start a song. This is an absolute banger with an incredibly bold bassline and a beautiful bubbling beat that flows through you, you will bouncing and singing along to this one before you know it! ‘Go Play Outside’ is a simple yet effective outro as it is super short and snappy only leaving us wanting more! This quirky finale includes an electronic slide sound with barmy yet bashful beats that are addictive making you want to restart the EP all over again!

Unfollow Me. are without a doubt completely unique, their music is unlike anything you’ve heard before and they are completely out of the ordinary but this is what makes this delightful duo so incredibly great! This EP is full of creativity with tunes that are so awesome you can vibe whilst you’re hanging out with friends or even vibe with your headphones in dancing around forgetting the world.


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