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Kansas City, United States

Credit - Uptown Productions

Eric Cohen recently impressed me with his release 'God Gave Me You' when he made it into our Who's Ya Favourite?! Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B Chart. It has been less than a month later and he is already back with his single 'A.M.E.N'.

This Kansas City rapper has carved his path in a way that is extremely powerful. His music is a dedication to God and a saviour in its own right as it holds one key objective, to make a positive impact and light for those who feel lost or need help to heal.

A.M.E.N begins with a classic hip-hop sprinkle of jaz-infused keys and an infectious boom bap which guides listeners through the rap flow of Cohen. One thing that always adds special character to classic Hip-Hop productions is the persistence of gospel vocal chop samples - something that Cohen has used to his advantage in between spitting bars and during the process.

The hook is one that you will find yourself chanting whether or not you like the piece (which I do). So, give A.M.E.N a spin and allow yourself to be carried away by the conscious lyrical flow of this upcoming artist. Another wicked release from Cohen! - TAMARA JENNA


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