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ERIK EVY has the world at his feet during his new EP "Matinee"



Chicago, IL, United States

Credit - Danny Dominguez

Erik Evy is an artist that I see as humble, dedicated and pure. His latest work is a collection of four hip-hop-inspired songs that comprise an EP of minimal yet purposeful production. The title of this project? "Matinee" meaning the afternoon showing before primetime. After hearing this project I'm more than excited to see what "primetime" looks like for this star!

The team behind the creation consists of the artist himself along with producers Lucas Quinn, Alanfor, and Zanto as well as Dolapo Inc who mixed and mastered the project.

"Sunday Morning" - Begining the EP with the ultimate lounge hip-hop feels sees Erik Evy talk listeners through questions surrounding what it means to grow up, pursue music, live alone, and the power of releasing music to the world. The beat is beautifully simple giving listeners some percussion to hold his flow whilst a simple piano loop guides our imaginations as the artist speaks us through his journey. It's very rare that I'm sold by an opening piece, but this hit my emotions.

"Intrinsic" - addresses the concept of the "Self and Other" by applying subtle examples of our world that shape the way that we think and act. Addressing how his music will be perceived by others is a key concept within "Intrinsic" where the artist sees himself coming to terms with his journey whilst transitioning into confidence. Talks of "The Kanye Documentary", technology as a tool for division and the loss of love ones, intrinsic has a lot of existential contemplation within its lines. I love the flow that Erik Envy brings here - there's a lot more in terms of flow and wordplay that are full of twists. I've officially found an artist that makes me feel the way that "Phora" does when I hear his music.

"Bridges" sees the artist confidently talk about his approach to music, his belief in the process, and the habits that he believes will carry him to success. What sets the lyrical content apart from many is the fact that the confidence oozes out of spiritualism rather than materialism, something that distinguishes greatness.

Bringing more production elements compared to the other pieces on this EP, sets the bar for this gorgeous song. The gospel vocal chops, the breakdown into autotuned vocal chops and samples, the relaxing drum loop, and the jazz-infused keys to the emotional projection of the rap flow/lyrics.

This is an artist that has the world at his feet. - Tamara Jenna

"Promises" has more of a ballad feel to it when it opens. The piano melodies sell depth through a new lens with hints of obscurities. "Promises" brings a mix of conscious rap in the verses and fierceness within its hook. Making it clear that he will succeed, Erik Evy promises that he'll succeed and after hearing this project, I 100% believe in him.



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