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Eva No's 'Bring Me Flowers' Delights with Retro-Reggae Fusion and Entrancing Vocals

An incorporation of reggae, jazz and retro styles, Eva No’s new release titled ‘Bring me Flowers’ is a track that can be loved by many!

Eva has this ability to create a spellbinding essence in her music. Her vocals have a mysterious and soft tone that gives her sound a vintage feel, yet with the addition of relaxed beats and loose vocals, there is a lively, reggae twinge. I particularly enjoyed the use of 70s synth in places, it worked well with the retro aspects, making ‘Bring me Flowers’ a timeless hit! The song has multiple lyrical hooks that leave you infatuated with Eva’s quirky delivery, yet it is the mix of styles that compliments her artistic identity. Eva explores different creative choices to set her mark in the industry.

Effortlessly brilliant – check our ‘Bring me Flowers’ and prepare to be uplifted by Eva’s entrancing musical choices.



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