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Experience the Euphoria of Dance: KYOTI's Synth Indie Disco Track ‘Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

‘Dance Like Everybody’s Watching’ is an upbeat synth track from KYOTI which fills that indie disco gap we all need filled once in a while. The fountain of light that pours from the synth in the back is second only to the bountiful glow of the vocals. The shimmer of this song is astounding. When the beat kicks in under the intro melody, you know you’re in for a treat, and then it just keeps getting better and better. The bass moulds into classic tones and pops up just like new. The mids explode with colour, finding shades never before seen by human eyes as the vocal catches up in the back and flies away with it all. A sonic dance floor of boogie proportions. There, I said it.

I had no idea what to expect from KYOTI and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. It’s a charming track that wastes no time bringing the heat up front and centre. It’s about the bop, the sway and letting it all go. ‘Dance Like Everybody’s Watching’ is a song to keep in your back pocket and whip out when the time is just right. Like on a bus, or in a queue at a supermarket, or even in the middle of an exam. It’s always the right time for this song who am I kidding? Just blast it as loud as you can and get lost in the flow of it all. Fantastic.



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