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Fat Bottomed Boys' "Haters Gonna Hate": Continuing the Queen Legacy with a Modern Twist

Cover art for Fat Bottomed Boys' album 'Haters Gonna Hate'
Cover art for Fat Bottomed Boys' album 'Haters Gonna Hate'
Fat Bottomed Boys' New Album 'Haters Gonna Hate': A Fusion of Classic Rock and Contemporary Sounds

Fat Bottomed Boys, a dynamic duo consisting of The Sgt. and Elash, released their fourth album "Haters Gonna Hate" on November 24th, the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's passing. Known for their tribute band 'Rock You! Queen tribute', these artists hailing from Northern France have evolved into creating original songs that pay homage to Queen while forging their own path in modern rock.

Starting in late 2019, the Fat Bottomed Boys initially focused on creating songs in the style of Queen. The band's journey includes crafting original music, adapting Freddie Mercury's unfinished demo "New York", and organizing the online 'Rock the Casa Festival'.

"Haters Gonna Hate" offers a blend of '70s and '80s rock, infused with elements from progressive rock and electronic music. Drawing upon inspiration from the fictional world of Rhye, an imaginative universe created by Freddie Mercury and his sister, Fat Bottom Boys presents a unique yet dedicated collection of tracks.

The album features an interesting mix with bluegrass duo Secret Garden and The Dusty Man, reflecting a fusion of power folk and rock.

Opening with the title track "Haters Gonna Hate" listeners can expect a whirlwind of blues riffs, a hint of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a hint of Queen echo throughout the piece. It's fun, lose and an air lover guitar's dream. A great opener!

"Rock Of Ages" solidifies the skilful guitar riffs and brings classic rock to the forefront with its 70s nostalgia. From here on out I began to expect that "Haters Gonna Hate" would be a solid project with a lot to offer.

"I'm Not The One" changes the tone in the form of a piano-based ballad highlighting the slower works of Mercury through the lens of Fat Bottomed Boys. It's a nice twist within the album. An acoustic guitar solo adds an extra layer of sass when joined by an electric lead solo.

"It Girl" feels more modern, funk-infused, with elements of Rock vocals. It's a nice modern addition to the album that breaks down genre influences even further.

Promotional image of Fat Bottomed Boys
Promotional image of Fat Bottomed Boys

Back to Blues We Go, "Get Away" brings the storytelling to the next level. Now entering the Wild West - expect tumbleweeds, tooth picks and a harmonica. The song develops a layer of classic pop rock over the top too. Alongside this, the vocals of Secret Garden and the Dusty Man add a layer of feminine energy. Perfect.

"You Want It" brings back the Freddie Mercury influence within the album. An interesting fact for you all - I actually share the same Birthday as the man himself. Virgo energy all round. Back to the song - the harmonies echo the genius choir-like dramatics of Queen and those signature guitar riffs by Brian May. What Fat Bottomed Boys have done within this album is nothing short of a miracle - to keep authenticity within their songwriting but to also echo their influences so accurately is curious.

"I Don't Care (Dedicated To...)" sounds like a trip to a circus fair ground. It's choppy, fun and free. Happy-go-lucky with banjo twangs and choppy keys.

"Moonlight Serenade" shines the light on keys once again sandwiched between subtle basslines and drumming. It's a beautiful song, perfectly crafted and thought provoking.

"La La La" heads back into acoustic guitar twangs and elements of classic soft rock before transitioning into the final song "Feeling Happy", an upbeat track with an air of "Don't Stop Me Now" about it.

So what's the verdict then? "Haters Gonna Hate" by Fat Bottomed Boys celebrates Queen's legacy through the lens of contemporary music. It embodies the duo's passion for rock and their dedication to keeping the spirit of Queen alive for new generations. Does it work? I want to say that it doesn't because on paper it just shouldn't but it does!

I felt the essence of Freddie Mercury in each and every track here. Excellent work! I urge fans of Queen to check this out ASAP!

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