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FEATURED ARTIST *Already Legends*



Already Legends

Detroit, United States




'THE TAPE' is the latest project by ALREADY LEGENDS and is the follow-up to the first album entitled 'BIG BET' by the Detroit-based rap collective. Through THE TAPE the group wanted to hit the ears of their listeners with a BANG. I decided to have a listen to the 13 track project - so let's see what we think as I take you through it track by track.






ALREADY LEGENDS presents their latest 13-track album entitled 'THE TAPE'. The project opens with a track called 'The Tape Intro' - A piece with a heavy trap drum loop and hard-hitting bars. Booming 808s hit over the top of the trap drum loop with a synth hiding in the background. This is a great track to open the project and it's only the intro piece. '50 Flip' brings the 808s and trap loops up a few levels both in volume and in skill. 'Bounce Back Up' brings catchy vocals, multiple rap flows, and pure skill to this album. Track 4 entitled '3 Phones Ringing' brings something fresh to the album through the use of a mix of dark and choppy light samples. Bell synth loops offer new energy to their sound along with bass synths to create something more melodic. 'Ye Flip' brings soulful vocal chops and pure and authentic hip-hop vibes. Classic soul and rap fuse with the modern sound of hip-hop to bring something new and moving. 'Murder Scene' takes us back into a darker realm through heavy 808s and trap loops to give us a feel of repetitiveness before bringing jazz inspiration into the piece at key points throughout the piece. This is a great track with a great vibe, great lyrics, and pure production skill. 'Wtf We Doing' slows things down into a soulful RnB vibe with classic slick and smooth samples. The rap flow is a lot slower and sensual than the previous tracks. I like the way that this track breaks down the feel of the album to offer up all that this group has to offer. A clever news report offers a switch and narrative to the song. '4Eva' brings the classic trap loop back to the front of their artistic direction whilst keeping to the RnB feel through the use of smooth guitar samples and sprinkles of magical key synths. 'Tiger Hoods' brings the heavy street drill feel back into the equation. 'Tiger Hoods' is a play on Tiger Woods offering a narrative of being the King of the streets. 'Pretend' takes us back to old school with a feel of the 80s pop/Rnb fused with Hip-Hop. The lyrics talk of cancel culture and murder whilst offering something light and funky in instrumentation. This track has the slick feel of funk combined with street culture to offer something refreshing and real. 'Amnesia' speeds things up again with their classic trap loops, heavy 808s, and skillful flows. Catchy lyrics and a beat that gets embedded in your head is found here. As the track progresses the instrumentation slowly brings in those classic jazz and soulful samples once more to subtly change the feel of the track without compromising the flow of the vocals. This is a clever track that hits the listener. The penultimate piece named 'Facing Woods' brings a hard rap flow full of attitude that hits in all of the right ways. 'Fonk Outro' strips everything back down into that soulful hip-hop/RnB feel. The guitar in this piece is sexy, slick, and smooth. The trap drum loop offers a different feel when combined with the bass and guitar samples. This outro is the perfect end to the project. 'ALREADY LEGENDS' have a pure talent for blending RnB, Soul, Funk, and a variety of rap styles to create something that is for everyone, from the warmest soulful pieces to the strength of the streets. Clikc the link below to hear 'THE TAPE'. Perfection.



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