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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Nicita Amy Botha




Burlington is back with his latest release 'Daylight Sipping'. This is an album that has been inspired by the experiences of the artist over the last few years, both the good and the bad. It’s about love, heartbreak, growth, honesty, and enjoying life with friends and family.

Burlington is a singer/songwriter and producer who explores the sounds that aim to get you smiling through his Sunday cruising, "chill-in-the-park" artistic style.


Credit - Nicita Amy Botha





Burlington's latest album titled 'Daylight Sipping' is an 11-track project that brings the most beautiful productions and mixing techniques to the ears of the listener. Opening with 'Mind For Mind', we hear something very I can only liken to Coldplay and Harry Styles. 'Mind For Mind' is a gorgeously put-together piece full of dream-pop arrangements and soulful vocals. 'Host' takes us into a swirl of electro-pop and indie rock packed with catchy melodies and heartwarming lyrics. I really liked the whole feel of this production and hit the add to Tamara Jenna's Top Pics button very quickly. 'Daylight Sipping' is an absolute dream that is packed with intricate guitar riffs that entices the listener with precision. The lyrics are relatable and catchy! This is one of those pieces of art that isn't just a bunch of catchy words on a page, it's full of depth. 'River Blue' brings the tempo up a notch whilst keeping to the soulful feel of the album thus far. This is a piece that takes you through time and space and into a free flow state. I really enjoyed being uplifted into another place through this music. Track 5 entitled 'Summer's Calling' is a piece of music that has you dreaming but also reflecting on harder times. It's reflective, personal, and intimate but also has the highest energy so far on this album. 'Roots' goes back into more of an indie-rock feel through the classic arrangements of the lead guitar, drums, and bass without losing its perfect fit into commercial pop. I think that this artist has something very special. 'Isn't it a Funny Life' brings something that leans more towards acoustics in its opening before bringing sexy electric guitar solos and heavy energy drums. 'Crazy Talk' takes the listener back into the reflective mindset of Burlington. This beautiful confession is full of questions and battles of consciousness - Definitely my favorite piece of this album! 'Hidden in the Breeze' continues to showcase the reflective state of this artist. It's a stripped-back piece that provides the listener with pure and emotive lyrics. The penultimate piece entitled 'Funfair (A Modern Rhyme)' is the perfect ending to a reflective and honest album that leaves the listener departing on a fine line between reflection and high energy before leading us onto the finale found in 'Without A Smile'. Burlington is an artist that has a real talent for expressing his soul and I am absolutely going to have this album in my mind for the foreseeable future. I think that this artist has something extremely precious and rare. I'm really looking forward to watching him on his journey through growth. Click the link below to hear 'Daylight Sipping' for yourselves!



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