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FEATURED ARTIST *Cassandra Raffaele*



Cassandra Raffaele

Cesena, Italy


Credit - Stefania Domina




Cassandra Raffaele has recently released her new emotive and cinematic album, 'Camera Oslo'. This is the third solo album from the Former EnnieLoud frontwoman Cassandra Raffaele. An elegant indie-pop cinematic album, produced in Italy by Roberto Villa at L’amor mio non muore studio, mastered by James DeMain (Robert Plant, Elton John, Bob Seger) at Yes Master Studios in Nashville. It's a trip through the 70s.

So, now on to the main bit - the review.





Cassandra Raffaele opens her latest 10-song album with the track, 'Camera Oslo (Waiting for Ennio). This track offers a happy tone through the use of piano chords in major, strings, and whistle tones. It reminded me of a piece from the original Disney version of Snow White but with a modern twist. 'Giovanna' completely switches the tone of the album offering the listener a taste of the Meddeteranian. I LOVE this piece. It's happy in tone, fun, and easy to listen to. 'La mia anarchia ama te' offers another switch of the genre - This time into a strong, sensual and seductive piece that oozes with sexiness. In this piece, we hear a more soulful tone of this artist and I LOVE it. 'La mia anarchia ama te' is a track that would suit luxury fashion advertisements such as Chanel and YSL. 'Casa' brings an indie rock meets pop production to the album, I'm absolutely amazed at how versatile this artist is. Each track has been completely different and each has worked really well. Track 5 entitled 'Confesso' marks the midpoint of this album. This piece brings in a heavier feel through its use of electric guitar and indie rock drum arrangement. This one offers something dreamy and chilled out. 'Antidoto' brings back a similar feel as 'La mia anarchia ama te' through the intense string arrangement but also brings heavy rock into the picture. I love this arrangement, it works wonders. 'La libertà' keeps the strings but also adds acoustic piano to make a moving and uplifting ballad. This is a stunning piece of music. As the track progresses we hear more electronic elements and a slow drum composition that enter into the mix. Track 8 entitled 'LADY JANE X sempre' is another track that offers something new to the feel of the album. This is done through the use of country and western compositions in the lead and bass guitar riffs. I really enjoyed hearing the strings and percussions as they weave in and out of the main body of the piece. 'Il mio gigante' is another indie rock/experimental piece that offers guitar twangs to give a country and western feel. I can imagine this in a Mexican movie or something that sets the scene for the Wild West. There's so much suspense found in this track that needs to feature in action or romantic movie scenes. Ending this project is 'Sarà successo', a track that once again brings something fresh to the ears of the listener. Cassandra Raffaele is an artist who has really impressed me through her craft - She offers genre-blending and unique pieces that you can't help but love. This form of talent is rare and although there are many pieces that blend the boundaries, this artist does it with ease and in a coherent way that maintains the attention of the listener. This album is a must. Click the link below to hear it, you won't be disappointed.



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