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FEATURED ARTIST *Elizabeth Tsung*



Elizabeth Tsung

NYC, United States





Elizabeth Tsung is an American violinist and composer based in NYC. Mastering her craft, she has been playing violin for over 26 years and has recently performed her original music at New York Fashion Week for designer Caterine Sanchez. That is not all though! Elizabeth Tsung is also currently active in 3 prestigious orchestras in the Tri-State area. Her second EP 'Illusions' was released on May 13. Containing five tracks, all originally composed focusing on her experience with mental health struggles and the illusions that the artist would create in her mind. These were then used to create her own sense of safety. So, let's go through this project track by track...




Elizabeth Tsung sent us her latest five-track project this week entitled 'Illusions'. I was immediately captured by the artwork and the name of the project so I decided to review it. Opening quite literally with 'Opening' we're given an introduction to the project that is just under one minute and a half long. Opening with a hypnotic charm that is accompanied by the distant sound of rain I was amazed from the opening second of this piece. The track brings in classical strings to tell a story in the most cinematic way. I'm not sure what the story is but that's the beauty of art! Left to our own illusions we're kept wandering. Track 2 entitled 'Elegy No. 1' doesn't waste any time in its opening. A beautiful sweeping classical piano drifts us along its path with the occasional bell synth and strings to add to the layers of this production. This track will have you dreaming and wandering through the maze of your own mind whilst acting as the perfect backdrop to your thoughts. 'Illusions, Part 1' slows things down in its use of instrumentation. Here we find ourselves entangled in the story of classical strings. We can hear every word that they do not speak. This is a perfect acoustic and simplistic piece. 'Illusions Part 2' follows on from Part 1 with ease. A developed version of a story that had only just begun to be told. Almost acting as an answer to the questions of the previous track, we feel the development and growth of these two pieces create something sonically extraordinary and moving. In concluding this project, we're taken back to the story of the second track 'Elegy No.1'. 'Elegy No.2' builds upon a dream, a mindset, and a perception that is completely subjective to the listener. I found myself drifting into a fairytale throughout this whole project. It's a refreshing and reflective composition of wordless productions that speak to you more than words do. This project is something that would make waves in film, and fit perfectly on a mindfulness playlist. A true piece of musical magic.



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