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Boca Raton, United States




HADEE. is an Alt-Pop/Rock artist from South Florida. Taking influence from 80s synthpop his influence has been likened to Billy Idol, 70s Bowie glam, a touch of classic film noir, HADEE. finishes off this blend with a balanced mix of modernity not unlike The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, and Cage The Elephant. I am so intrigued to hear this track now! 4AM is HADEE.'s debut single and it was released on April 22nd. It's available on all streaming and video platforms so let's have a listen and see what we have to say shall we?




HADEE. comes in strong with his debut single. 4AM is a quality production that has been polished to perfection. Coming in at 3:46 we get almost 4 minutes of pop meets rock. This track opens with dreamy bell synths before grabbing the wheel and doing 180 to bring us a heavy pop rock feel. The electric guitar sweeps in to take the melody of the synths in a complete genius u turn. A heavy kick and subtle bass ease feel of the track alongside soft electric guitar that packs a punch. We're taken on a loop around the track before HADEE. comes in to show us his vocals. The lyrics are catchy and got me singing along. "It's 4 in the morning, you already got my heart". Throughout the track we hear a subtle but heavy electric guitar solos during key spaces within the track. This gives the listener a break in between to just rock out. HADEE. is a unique artist who is unapologetically himself in his debut release. I love that he has come straight in with a bang to show the world exactly who he is as an artist without fear of blending the lines of fixed genres. This is an artist who I believe is going to explode into the industry in the very near future and until then, I'm looking forward to watching as he gives us more and more of his uniqueness. Overall, I have nothing to say other than CLICK THE LINK BELOW, give HADEE. a spin let's show him some support. A solid debut from the US based singer/songwriter. Catch my interview with HADEE. below and see what he has planned for the rest of 2022.





What would be your ultimate achievement for your latest single '4AM'?

Considering “4AM” is my first single, I see its release as a personal achievement in itself. With this song being my debut as a solo artist, the experience and feedback I have gathered has given me a lot of insight on what to do next.

Was there a particular vision that you had when putting the song together?

I find that too many give in to overthinking rather than embracing spontaneity. Life presents itself as endless crossroads. Knowing when to go is what you have to decide. If you take too long, you might just miss your ride. Most of us would be a hypocrite to say we are not guilty of that system of thinking. With that being said, that is the point I attempt to lyrically combat in ‘4AM’. While the argument could be made that the majority of us no longer find drive in the long-term chase, rather falling for lust and immediate satisfaction, I try to show consideration to the latter. To me, regret is the one thing that can eat you alive far after you die. Any other fear is simply a mortal construct.

Who was involved in the project alongside you?

An artist is really nothing without their team and support structure. I am fortunate enough to be doing music with my great friend and brother, Alfredo Rivera, more commonly known as Alar On The Mix. This song would have absolutely not been possible without his inclusion. He handled the mixing process of the track, as well as co-produced the track along with myself. Two more great talents and friends who were included in the process were Kelvee Acosta (a.k.a. Hush Wave) who was the second engineer on this song, and Shane Slack who had mastered the song.

When did you first realise that you had the potential to be an artist?

This is something that I feel will always be evolving. All I really care about in regards to considering myself an artist is the connection I seek to build between my music and whoever chooses to give it a chance. I think that's what any artist tries to find at the end of the day; for their work to speak for itself.

Is there a memory that has stuck in your mind as the turning point for you?

I had always wanted to pursue music as a career. I really can’t see myself doing anything else. My first concert was Ozzy Osbourne with Slash and the Conspirators as the opening band. That only further cemented in the desire. Any concert I’ve been to since has only contributed heavily to the eager feeling.

How would you define your sound?

I’d like to think that my sound stems from my environment and the musical influences I’ve gathered in my time here. I love everything from the 40s to 80s and then a good number of modern artists/bands as well. Depending on my day, my mood can range from Otis Redding to Arctic Monkeys. If I had to give a clearer answer, I try to find a medium between 80s synthpop, 70s Glam Rock, classic film noir, finished off with a balanced mix of modernity.

This might be a tricky one but Studio vs Live - Which do you prefer and why?

Both very much have their pros and cons. As far as emotion, playing live will always feel the best. Having the audience to work with also contributes to this of course. The real key to making your music speak through speakers is capturing that raw emotion in a studio setting. On the other hand, I do find recording and the production process very entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed that and the arranging element of writing.

Which daw do you prefer Cubase, Protools or none? and why

Personally, I record and produce on Logic Pro X. I may just be used to working on this DAW as it's what I first learned how to use. I’m still always learning new tricks for it. Once the song itself is laid out, we then mix on Pro Tools.

If you had the opportunity to work with one of your favorite musical artists, who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

If I could choose anyone, alive or deceased, I would choose David Bowie. He was just an amazing talent, someone who needs no introduction. As far as being alive, I think it’d be interesting to collaborate with Billy Idol. I’m heavily influenced by both artists so performing with either of them would be quite the experience.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

I plan on releasing singles this year and then I have a concept album planned for January of 2023. I’ll definitely be posting more about all this as we go along.

Where can we find the track? Links to socials and distribution handles

You can follow me here to stay updated:

General Song Link:

Instagram: @hadeedosani

YouTube: @HADEE.

TikTok: @hadeedosani

FaceBook: @hadeedosani




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