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New York City, United States





Making that statement that ".music at its best infuses sound and vibrations that bridge the gap between cultures" Bronx-born MC T-Bruin has aimed to do this through his recently released EP entitled 'Stuck On Earth'. We decided to have a listen, so come join us as we take you through his universe.





Stuck on Earth is a 4 track EP that brings the heat for real. The opening track entitled 'SUN GAZING' opens with a cinematic progression that gets the listener interested almost instantly. A speech introduces the artist before completely switching the feel of the track. The rap flow is reminiscent of old-school hip-hop mixed with something new. Full of soulful vocal samples and vocal chops we're taken into the reality of the artist. Classic hip-hop strings, heavy bass, and complete sunshine are found in this piece. 'SUN GAZING' is a great opening to this project. Keeping to the theme of space, we're then taken into the rap flow of 'MY UNIVERSE'. This is a brilliant production from start to finish. Highlighting the familiarity of T'Bruin's sound, 'MY UNIVERSE' offers something deeply captivating through the lyrical narrative and the production elements. This track brings in a merge of smooth jazz through the use of brass instrumentation whilst combing heavy bass and slow drum loops. This track is a conscious hip-hop piece with a lot of stories to tell about the artists' universe. Visions, manifestations, creations, energy, and pain are poured into his narrative. Midway through the piece, the rap flow speeds up as it continues to tell stories of his universe. I love the words behind the track and I know that many people will relate to this! The switch in flow works wonders! 'MY UNIVERSE' is the perfect track for your motivational playlists. Track 3 entitled 'TUG OF WAR' brings something fresh to the project in the form of a collaboration! In this song, we hear the sweet vocals of 'Xiolynn', a female artist with a lot of feeling. This collaboration works well to offer something fresh to the ears of the listener whilst maintaining the familiarity of T-Bruin's artistic identity. Concluding 'Stuck On Earth' is the track '10,000 HOURS'. This track slows things down and brings slick jazz take over with brass instruments and magical sprinkles of piano, and of course still keeping to the traditional hip-hop drum loop. As this track begins to fade out we're given the message that success takes hard work! This is a great album for hip-hop lovers out there who want something traditional and new. Definitely check this one out!



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