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The Magic Epic - 36

Brighton, United Kingdom




Toby 'The Magic Epic' Juan is the visionary behind the album. He plays guitar and piano on the record and is the voice of the music. TME is accompanied in part by Iain Hornall (ELO/10cc) on BVs and bass and producer Andy Brook on guitar. The Magic Epic grew up in suburban South London and moved to the coast after falling in love with Brighton where he began writing his own music in 2013. Making the decision to be a full time busker, many years of busking has allowed T.M.E to perfect his craft and overcome his performance anxiety. His influences include John Lennon & Otis Redding but he's often likened to early Billy Joel. The album was recorded between his home studio and The Brook Studio in Wallington with Andy Brook and Small Pond in Brighton wit Joe Caple. So let's have a listen then...




36 is a 10 track album by The Magic Epic. Opening with 'Starts with a feeling' we hear a piercing church organ along with a slight input from a choir. As the lead vocals come into play we hear soulful indie rock meets gospel in this twist of events before finishing abruptly at just over 1 minute long. Straight into the next track, 'Welcome to Brighton' swoops us to the beachfront with its dreamy guitar solos and reverbed vocals. The backing vocals in this track really lift you into another space along with depth and feeling played by the lead guitarist. An upbeat soft rock track that discusses the fear of the dark, dreams and love. Track 3 entitled 'Summer' strips things right back with distant and reverb effected vocals along with distant acoustic guitar. As the track goes on we hear the introduction of piano and the signature sound of the electric guitar soloist. The vocals come closer and brings in the attention of the listener along with the introduction of the drums. A real dream pop/dreamy rock vibe. 'Take On Me' completely blew me away in their version of an a- ha classic. Stripped right back down to basics we hear the beautiful tone of strings, piano synths, soft electric guitar and angelic harmonies. This is better than the original. John Lewis Christmas advert vibes for sure. This band definitely needs to get this track sent over for sync licensing. Mid point during the album we're presented with 'Sing It Out'. This track opens with 'An eagle flies over mountain tops' and let me tell you now... this track turns you into a bird in its dream pop production. I love the feel of this track and the lyrics that are given to to the listener. This is a chilled out album great for those nights when you need a place for your thoughts to dance. 'That House' brings the acoustics of country music intertwined with heavier electric guitar. I love the way that this album combines acoustic and electric guitar it's something to be proud of and works very well in the ears as a listener. A steady underestimated drum score keeps the rhythm of the guitar elements at the forefront of the production just behind slightly distanced vocals. 'Sally' offers something new with its acoustic piano opening. A beautiful sound that marks the entrance to wonderland. The vocals on this production are brought to the front of the mix absence of strong reverb we really get a different element of clarity added to the mix. As the backing vocals swoop you away we get three layers of vocals. One set behind the lead vocals and one set full of swooping adlibs. The way that this track progresses opens up a world of wonder for sure through steady drums and dreamy electric guitar which weave their place in the track perfectly without overpowering the vocals. A really lovely track, one for the dreamers. Track 9 entitled 'More Than Just Pretty' opens with a dreamy acoustic guitar pluck to bring us into a land of admiration. Distant vocals fill the space and we're left dreaming of someone who is "more than just pretty". The penultimate track of the album named 'Epic Deluxe - Sangria' is a whole different world of imagination. Spanish guitar flick strokes caress the acoustic guitar to bring something quite sexual in rhythm but remining respectful to the album. When combined with the Spanish influenced plucks the track take you into a similar space as Robbie William's and Nicole Kidman 'Somethin' Stupid'. This 10 track album from The Magic Epic ends with a feeling, quite literally. 'Ends with A Feeling' brings back the sound that was found at the start of the album with church organs with a sprinkle of soulful electric guitar. A brilliant ending to the album. This is a 10/10 project from The Magic Epic and I can't wait to hear more from them in the near future. Stunning work.



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