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New Tech! - Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-Effects Guitar Workstation

The Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-Effects Guitar Workstation is a complete revelation in the world of amp and effect simulation. This floor pedal unit has so many bells and whistles it could outfit a train yard, and yet, Fender has found a way to keep things simple and easy to use. Small and light enough to strap to a pedal board, pushing analogue effects through it on a separate effects loop, and also diverse enough to throw your pedal board back to the 90s and realise the true musical future. Whether you are a session musician moving from studio to studio, a newfound singer-songwriter looking to expand your sound, an at home dabbler or a globe-trotting marvel — the Tone Master Pro has got you covered … and then some.

Plug this unit into any cab and you’re flying. Create a loop, plug in and go and it will sound sublime. For the casual user, there is so much fun to be had here: creating amp modes, lining effects loops with your dream sounds, flying through presets so fast that your eyes spin. Each sound is hand-crafted and powered by the onboard processing of the Tone Master Pro, a more powerful unit than we have ever seen in this product category. This power adds to the feel of everything. There’s no latency, no feeling like you’re left behind the music, and no feeling like this is simply a playback of your playing. The added processing beef allows the Tone Master Pro to push more sound further, enabling a far more faithful digital sound to analogue than we have ever heard before.

But of course, Fender couldn’t stop there. The unit is also a recording interface, soundboard, mixing station, and throughput for vocal channels and analogue pedals and instruments, allowing you to set up your gig from home, show up, plug in and play. If you wish you could go to a studio to, ‘get that sound,’ then why not bring the studio to you? For £1,649.00 on Andertons and Gear 4 Music, it’s not a budget option — it’s the best option. Roll every other digital effects device into a blender, cream them up, throw out the bad bits and file down the weight and you’re here, at the perfect amalgam of the digital guitar world. The next step for guitar.

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