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"Follow The Rules" by Carter Lagrant: Breaking Boundaries and Stereotypes

Carter Lagrant's new single 'Follow The Rules' is a magnificent melange of house-influenced EDM, experimental hip hop, and alternative rock. Based in Warsaw, this Ukrainian songwriter is making waves in the music industry with his gritty, thought-provoking tracks that touch upon pressing social issues such as violence, inequality, and the constant battle between love and hate.

With 'Follow The Rules', Lagrant brings forth a rebellious anthem that vehemently breaks away from societal expectations and norms. The song, true to its title, urges its listeners to challenge stereotypes and blaze their own trail. This potent message is encapsulated within a dynamic and entrancing soundscape, where dissonant and dark pop undertones blend seamlessly with exhilarating, groovy beats.

As Lagrant croons passionately, his voice echoes the raw emotion and conviction of a man who has battled and survived the harsh realities of life. His journey from his troubled hometown in Ukraine to the bustling city of Warsaw is reflected in the depth and richness of his music.

'Follow The Rules' stands as a testament to Lagrant's incredible talent as a songwriter and his ability to marry diverse music styles to create a unique, distinctive sound. Fans of Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J, Radiohead, Gorillaz, Hozier, The Neighbourhood, Muse, and The Score will find themselves instantly drawn to this track, which carries the hallmark of Lagrant's innovative and rebellious spirit. This song is not just an addition to your playlist; it is a musical journey that pushes you to introspect, to question, and to break free.



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