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Talk Of Things

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Mari Conti

‘Talk Of Things’ is the latest album from alternative pop and synth artist, Frank Joshua. It's a compounded sound of intense percussion, instrumentals that feel alive with their writhing movements, and a conversational vocal that grounds the sound, creating an outwardly humble album that speaks to the inner circle of humanity. It's a wise album, ‘Talk Of Things,’ it creates a mood and then speculates on it. It does this dance emotional over many tracks and by the end of the album you’re left flustered and raring for more. With remixes and alternate versions from many other artists, Frank Joshua has expanded the sound of the album, making it evermore diverse and rapid.

‘Five Minutes’ is the album topper and it does a brilliant job of allowing us to get to know the sounds that will be present on the album. That vocal cuts you off from the get-go. It's clean, low, and full of warm textures that clash with the fast, bright rhythms bursting from the percussion. It's harsh; fast snares and round toms fill out the beat, raising the velocity of the track as it goes. The melody, however, feels unaffected. It sits sublime on a cloud of soul and lists gently in the wind, speaking down its lyrics like a musical sentinel.

Frank Joshua also pushed to create some experimental-sounding tracks for this album and they are so buoyant with great ideas that they rise to the top and house some of my favourite sounds on ‘Talk Of Things.’ ‘Sense Life’ is one such track. Its acoustic backing that strums smooth and calm in the back creates a sheen of chill. Instantly it's broken by some powerful lyrics in the distance, echoed by the friendly and warm ones right up close. It's intense and extremely rhythmic. The track gets you distorted and you’re left wondering what could ever come next. The instrumental flips and though the guitar is still in the back, it is swamped by synth and that trademark eclectic percussion. The song ploughs on, dipping and diving back to this quiet vibe now and then to keep you on your toes. In the end, you just want more — good thing there’s a whole album full of Frank Joshua's genius.

There’s a little of everything on ‘Talk Of Things’ and I think that’s the point of the album. A brief conversation and part debate surrounding the sounds of the contemporary generation. You can hear influences from The Beatles all the way to Arctic Monkeys in these tracks, but they're hidden beneath a new and exhilarating coat of paint. Modern, fast and profound. Simple on the surface but as deep as you could ask for. Frank Joshua and Co have designed a sound that mirrors today and it's a pretty picture. Fluid, fast-paced, and packed to the brim with spinning ideas. Exceedingly exciting from start to finish.



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