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Gary Dranow's 'I'm a Man' Redefines Blues with Soulful Energy and Electrifying Beats

Gary Dranow "I'm A Man" Artwork
Gary Dranow "I'm A Man" Artwork
Dranow's Latest Track Brings an Upbeat, Soul-Stirring Rendition of Blues That Will Have You Dancing Among the Trees

Blues! Yes, that’s what this new year needs. And not that sit-around mopey blues. None of that. I’m talking ‘bout blues beyond, fast blues, blues with soul and go-geddem power. If you need that too (as we all do now and then) look no further than Gary Dranow’s latest slick track, ‘I’m a Man.’ It’s blues how you like it, blues how you want it. Blues that gets you off the ground and running to the trees dancing, with your hair trailing bluebells behind you. The track crashes into view, a miasma of gold in a halo about its silhouette. Harmonica, beat, the guitar strings jangle. The light is blinding but you can make out one thing: it’s good.

The beat keeps you nailed to the rhythm. It cuts out for impact, letting the other instruments have a turn in the centre, but the power it had over you remains and you stamp your feet nonetheless.

The vocals are crispy cool. They saunter along their story, telling it how they felt it. It’s true human soul blues. You’re in the room, a guest; put your feet up, want rocks in your rye? You flow with the guitar as the chords pull you down into the chasm of flow. The chorus, the chorus that resets the walk. You ground yourself, ready for another verse, but what’s this? A solo knocks you off your wingback and you hit the ground laughing.

Gary Dranow knows the blues like the fretboard of his beater. It comes out in his songs confident, colourful, and full of joy. ‘I’m a Man’ is a song about growth, redemption, finding yourself. But what impacts you is the texture of it. This is no surface-level blues. Everyone in the ensemble knows the blues, loves the blues, and plays it like they own it. Which they do, and they make their claim stronger every time they play. A fantastic single to add to the already eclectic Dranow Discography.

Genre: Blues, Soul-Blues, Rhythm and Blues

Moods: Energetic, Uplifting, Soulful, Joyful, Empowering, Confident

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