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GOLEM DANCE CULT - Dalek Rhetoric


Dalek Rhetoric

Olney, United Kingdom

Golem Dance Cult are unlocking new and exciting sounds that push their tracks to the next level. One such example of this colourful and expansive new rock is ‘Dalek Rhetoric,’ the latest single from their upcoming album, ‘Legend of the Bleeding Heart.’ The rock sound is buried beneath waves of melody and vocals. The pulsing harmonies keep you afloat in the chanting waves of tone and the song barrels on with powerful bass drum footfalls through metropolitan landscapes. It's thick and it’s heavy, but not in a scream your head off way. It's heavy like velvet, it soothes you with its rhythm and keeps you interested with its alluring textures.

Golem Dance Cult are ones to watch. I haven’t heard a rock ensemble quite like them. Indie, heavy, grungy and citric. ‘Dalek Rhetoric’ is a panicking and stylish song that will get you hooked on the G.D.C. sound. As soon as you’ve had a listen, nothing quite compares.



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