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Since You Came Along

Blessington, Ireland

Credit - Seamus Travers Photography

If you have any affinity to the 60s and are a fan of the likes of Hermans Hermits or even the Troggs, this is likely to be the perfect song for you to add to your playlist. Reminding me of all those songs I grew up watching my aunts dancing to or blaring through the speakers on those long car journeys, ‘Since you came along’ by Blessington, Ireland artist Graham Coe really feels like an extremely nostalgic piece for me.

Discussing the feeling of having met your person and the comfort this can bring to your life as the loneliness melts away, this epic track is one that needs to be heard to be appreciated. Everything from the smooth, welcoming, and warm vocals straight to the amazing and detailed production needs to be soaked in and enjoyed. I can see this being played as you are twirling around the dance floor, clasped in the arms of the one you love.

Utilising some beautiful guitar segments, simple yet classical drum beats, beautiful harmonica sections, and gorgeous harmonised layers this amazing piece can take you back to those days and memories you may have forgotten. Music like this does not come about very often anymore.


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