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#GrantBorland caused me to assess my own #Fragments through his latest EP



Grant Borland

Howell, United States

Credit - Gentlewave Media





#Fragments is the new EP by United States-based artist #GrantBorland. The 5 track project delves into the world of Experimental soundscapes that range from the ambient to super edgy. Opening the project is the title track #Fragments. This is a piece that begins with a staccato single tapping of an acoustic piano to offer the listener a basis for the anticipated build-up. As the track progresses we hear choppy synths along with bell synth melodies. These melodies are full of delay and high pitched and as those layers begin to develop we can hear the energy of the track begin to grow and grow. Entering the midpoint of the track we're introduced to busy bass sounds that completely change the atmosphere of the piece to create something that both shines in its own right and upon the hidden lurking of the shadows. A great opening piece. #Unfold has a different feel in its beginnings. This piece offers the listener a dreamy and emotive piano composition that is highly emotive before introducing bass tones to balance the emotions. There is a sense of sadness in this piece that made me feel a sense of despair and growth at the same time. #Unfold definitely unfolded me through its use of instrumentation and mixing techniques. If you're looking for a piece that holds your spirit in your darkest hours or your reflective sessions then this track will really hit you deeply. I felt really connected to the story that this piece told. #Moss brings back that cacophonous staccato feels in its opening before bringing in some delayed classical keys. Backed by electronic synths and subtle bass this track makes for the perfect soundtrack for film or advertising. #Heirloom continues to showcase this artist's ability on keys to present us with another cinematic thought-provoking bundle of emotion. Again, we hear those bass tones lift the track to compliment the story behind the keys. Closing the EP is #Father. This piece has a sense of urgency about it through the use of choppy instrumentation both in the main melody, the backings, and in its use of bass. I'm unsure of the story that is being told through this piece but it definitely has a lot to say in the most moving of ways. There is something very special about this artist.

#GrantBorland is an artist who offers both dark and light to create his art. Through his music, we're given a skillful painting of what it means to be #GrantBorland through highlighting and shadowing mixing techniques. This is an artist who deserves a lot of credit. There are certain pieces of music that speak to listeners without the use of a single word, that create a sense of connectedness and understanding. Every piece on this project does just that. I felt very connected to the artistry here. This is a 10/10 project and if I could rate it infinitely then I would do just that.



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